Fatman to Ironman



  • Well done with your time SD!

    gastank - it's a canary, not a robin! I'm a Norwich City fan, what else could my picture be?
  • I'm colour blind - its a robin image

    P.S. your name is still wrong
  • Are you sure it's not a coloured in magpie ?


  • Hi SD. Are you (and Lewis and all the other beginners) using a specific programme?
    Awaiting arrival of Be Iron Fit, but have been looking at Triathloning for Ordinary Mortals, which focuses on overall time spent training rather than time/distance devoted to specific disciplines.

    Had thought I'd go for IM Wales, but am now really fancying the Outlaw. Do any of you vet's have a preference? It might end up depending on the logistics of which is the better time of year. Anyhoo, it's 2 years away, so plenty of time to decide!

    And now a daft question - is it considered bad form to get an M-dot tattoo having done an iron distance race that isn't "Ironman" branded? (I'm only putting myself through all this so I can add to my ink!)
  • Good questions. I was thinking of the Ironman branding. I would be looking to add the said tattoo when i complete the distance. But again, i wouldnt want to do it if it was considered 'bad form'. It will probably influence me to do an Ironman branded event instead of Outlaw if i'm honest, just so I have the 'ironman' title

    No scientifc training plan for me

    I'm doing park run every Saturday. Tuesdays I'm doing a run & increasing by half a mile each week.

    I cycle 3 to 4 times a week between 30 & 70 miles each time.

    I swim a mile a week, hopefully increasing the amount of lengths i manage front crawl each week. I'll be adding an open water

     On top of that, I've also signed up to loads of events this year, they are listed on my charity page.


    Next year I will continue as above but increase all my Triathlons to Olympic distance. Add a marathon in & hopefully a half IM. Helvelyn Tri looks like it will be quite tough as well.

    2014, i will see how things have gone & then hit a proper training plan in the run up to IM

    I know my 2 year plan may seem a bit excessive, but after my experience of the London marathon in 2006, I dont want to experience another injury (wife would kill me for one) & would like to actually enjoy doing at least some parts of the IM image My lack of preperation for the London marathon did take the shine off the day.

  • Hi SausageDog! Glad you didn't change your name after reading the first few posts, its given me a good chuckle at my desk!

    I'm new to the site myself - hello all! - though not new to triathlon having completed a few sprints and olympics up until Llandudno 2009 when i knackered my back on the run then in Jan 2011 I snapped my ACL and am only just back - scuse the pun - to a (fairly) good knee for running. 2 stone later its back to square one and my aim is to complete an Ironman in 2013 and a Half IM this year, probably 70.3 Miami - if I have to suffer why not somewhere nice!!

    I too am attempting to chronicle my deeds on my blog http://darksideofthebike.blogspot.co.uk I thought i'd check out the pirates triathlon crowd after reading a book by one of them last summer, so here I am! be gentle with me!
  • If you have read the book then you know we are not gentle    image

    The year for IM that you are looking for folks btw is 2013 .... dont put things off, its more than possible in 12 months  image
  • Welcome dark, i will have a look at your blog this evening.

    Quite happy with 2014 for me thanks image

    I look forward to reading about everyone elses race and training next year though.. Please share your training & event stories on the fb group as well, my friends have commented on how inspirational some of our stuff is.

    Everyones training going well this week?
    42 mile bike ride yesterday & a 3 mile run tonight for me, quite painful on the legs though, not sure what thats about???? I should warm up and stretch first i think, i know i should do it, normally skip that though. I always manage to stretch after.
  • Au contraire ... warm up gradually on the bike, IMO its the after stretching that is important rather than stretching cold muscles
    Painful legs?  Could be all manner of things, is your bike properly set up ?
  • SD, 'fraid I don't do Facebook.
    Had some mega rain here today and, since a tumble last year, am v nervous of wet roads, so hopped on the turbo instead. Must get over that, can't really wimp out of IM because it's raining on the day!

    Believe me, I would do IM in 2013 if I could, but until jr goes to school, I just don't have the time to devote to training properly.
  • M.....eldy, thanks, i'm fine on the bike.
    Pain is when i run. Although didnt have any pain during sundays tri. Thats why i'm thinking its due to running on cold unstretched legs.

    Just ordered that book image

  • 2014 FFS!

    My first post on here (circa early 2011) was about stepping up to a novice distance tri, and maybe an iron-distance before 40. By October 2011 I'd signed up for the Outlaw!


  • Damn you pirates for putting doing an Ironman next year in my head, lol.
  • Do it - there'll be lots of us newbies doing one as well - we can all make fools of ourselves together image
  • Right one down

    .... Two to go.....

    Nurse? Sorted the sprog yet? I don't think you're really applying yourself

  • Yes, shocking lack of commitment on my part. (I would put a wee smiley in here, but it appears I don't have the technology). So what you're telling me is that I can train for IM on 5 hours a week? I'm in!
  • 5hrs plus running with stroller - might be possible....

    Might have to research....

    ..... You didn't say no this time though image
  • Well I shall leave the research to you. Happy hunting.
  • I'm all up for 2013, just would prefer somewhere at least a little warm! Living and now training in Manchester has given me my fill of cold & wet!
    NR, have you checked out Get Iron Fit? Some great time saving tips and at least the first 10 weeks of the just finish plan only calls for max 6 hours a week.
  • It's on order, and should be dropping through the letterbox any day now.
  • Lewis - just had a thought. We could name you after Norwich's most famous fan and call you.........................................Delia.
  • From Norfolk, how about FiveToes?
  • Delia Fivetoes - sounds good to me!
  • I'm with the JFDI camp.  I just popped over from RW forum for a look, lurked a few weeks, posted an introduction, changed my forum name and signed up for Outlaw, all within a couple of weeks.

    Since committing myself about October last year(yes that can be read two ways), I have bought my first ever bike, relearned to swim, trained and ran my first proper marathon, got the pirate kit and am now looking forward to my first couple of century rides.

    You can do it, but first you need to believe in yourself, and in the advice and support on here. 

    I am not normally into groups or clubs, in fact I've always shied away from anything that might sound clique or too chummy.  But really, without the can do attitude, and esprit de corps of this bunch I wouldn't have bothered my arse.

    I firmly believe that if anyone wants to be a pirate then they need to try and do things the pirate way.  For me it's what sets them apart from all the rest, and the reason I'm happy to wear the yellow and black other than the red and black of my local tri club.

    Set yourself a difficult target and you will rise to it.

  • 2013 and warmer you say........a few are going to IM lanzarote.....

    as far as the question of tattoos.....i think that if you done the distance then you can get the tattoo.....just cause you didn't do the more expensive branded one...thats my opinion...

    anyone wanting to motivate themselves.come to the outlaw this year and help man the pirate
  • thank you holgs...my computer crashed on me image
  • it's about the only useful contribution I've made to this forum all year image
  • chatted to a guy in the marathon who said he had read and liked your book.. imageit was my claim to fame that i wore the same top as you image
  • Sod it, 2013 it is then.

    Thanks for making me see sense, I think??

    Holgs, i think you have contributed plenty already with your inspirational book. Anyone who hasnt read it should do!

    Next event for me is Fritton Tri, be my first open water one. I may be a rubbish swimmer but i worked as a diving instructor for 4 years so feel comfortable in lakes & sea. Looking forward to donning a wetsuit again. First practise session is beginning of May

    Lewis (FiveToes) - a new Park Run is starting at Fritton Lake from 5th May. Open water sessions there are 8am - 10.30am on a Saturday so you could incorporate a run & some open water training.

    Are you doing the Norwich 100?

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