Fatman to Ironman



  • Yep, I swim at Tri20 and it was a scortching 16 degrees last night - well, they what they said. Wasn't too bad - a little chilly on the last lap, wish i'd gone for 2 hats though - my brain was getting cold!!image

  • Cat and Bedders swims there occasionally, as does No Way Out - he's the other guy with a Pirate swim cap.

  • Nice nice well let us know when you guys go as I would love too come and draft someone as my swim speed is less the. Desirable!

  • Our lakes reading was 12-13 degrees this week so looking good for our OW sessions to begin next week image

  • Just swam in my local lake too..... wait for it 5 degrees. Not good did one lap 400m 

  • fook that badger.... I went too pool where it was a crazy 23 degrees...but I soldiered on and did 3200m non stop image

  • Lovely off-road run in the sun, didn't see a soul.  Top notch.

    Hoping to start OW swimming next week too.

  • Swimming in polar conditions can never be good for anything unless you are a seal

    I swam in a nice pool at an ambient temperature for an hour and 5 mins

    I ran and hopped and jumped and did funny drills for 2 hours

    Now I am at work until 0700 ....   living the dream  image

  • SD - is that Whitlingham?

  • Yep

    cant wait to get back in the lake again. 

  • G'day all

    rest day for me today ... But I have been and bought a nice new shiny pair of trainers image

    yesterday was an easy hours run


  • Good evening (or morning for most of you) everyone.  I tackled my second stand alone marathon today on minimal training.  My longest training run was about 4 weeks ago when I did a very hilly half.  I was inspired to do it after Boston and by a couple of friends who were signed up for the half (like me) but decided to give it a go.

    My only previous stand alone was one year ago, same marathon, where I had a miserable time on the way to a 5:17.  Still a PR, but felt terrible for days.  So I was a little afraid of today.  However, I had read that bike fitness and such is a good substitute for general run fitness and I had that under my belt.

    End result today: 4:47, a PR by 30 minutes.  I went out with a pal who kept a very close eye on our pace and we kept it right at 4:48 pace (his goal) most of the way. I don't feel nearly as crappy but did need a couple shots of bio freeze on my right knee and hip over the last 10 miles.  

  • Great running, IY - well done, a real tribute

  • Nice one IY! image

  • well done IYimage

  • Gaunyersel Yank image

  • Well done Doggie! Damn right you're a triathlete!

  • Well done IY on your marathon bloody good effort and result mate and that is a serious pb improvement very well done image

  • Great stuff IY!

  • Well done Yankee !!

    Last long bike ride for me today and at the quickest pace for a while too so I am more than happy with that ...

  • Dogfish well done

  • Good running IY


    Ayup all


    Week 7 of 20 done and dusted for me.

    1min short of 15hours so slightly above target. I felt like I had a solid week but with very little running due to an ankle injury that is troubling me.


    2013 Actual – 97hrs 41

    2013 Planned – 86hrs 30
    2012 Actual – 41hrs 27
    2011 Actual – 80hrs 50


    This week my aim is for a slightly bigger week again PLUS my first proper bike rides with 45miles planed Tuesday and 60-80miles planed Saturday.


    Also ... I need to get in and see the physio about my ankle image


  • Great running IY, congrats.

    My weekly update - a great week last week.

  • Looks like i am totally out of action. Left leg just above the foot is now all swollen up and hurts like a ........

    Started hurting a bit last wednesday during my swim, then even more so during the 5k swim.

    think i have some kind of tedonites, aggravated in yesterdays swim. Knew my training had been going too well. image

  • Swim with a pull buoy for a while Sossige .. stay positive

  • Andy, sorry to hear that mate.  Had it checked out by a physio?  Might just be a case of a couple of day's rest.  You've done a marathon and a 5k swim in a week!

  • Evening all 

    SD ... Get to a physio and have it looked at ... best to know rather the dwell on what it might be


    not a bad day for me


    - Swim including timed 2k in 38:33 ... 10 secs better than last weeks image


    - 2hrs 30min spin .. Including Sufferfest :local hero

    - 30mins core and stretch 

  • I did a mile of drills and short intervals today ~

    Tomorrow plan is slightly fluid but I am hoping will include a run at some point

  • Sorry to hear you're injured Andy. Like Will said, it's best to know for sure what's wrong. I've gone down to Sportlink before with an injury and they diagnosed it accurately.

    Hope it sorts itself out soon! 

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