Fatman to Ironman



  • Evening team

    Nice off roading Nursey !!    Yes, it is quite normal to get a tad hacked off with training, it'll pass and you'll soon be back on track

    Lovely late afternoon run in the woods for me, takes my mind off packing  image

  • When do you head off Meldy?

  • Toooosday   image

  • Easy week this week in prep for the Blaenavon Triathlon on Sunday.  And I think I've got my family's cold .... great feckin' timing.

  • Anyone know the best (most reasonable) place to pick up some PowerBar Bars and Powergels?  Want to try them out as they're being used at IMUK. 

  • Tim, I've had good luck over here at least on Amazon.  Especially if you want a case of 24 or something like that.

  • I would check the usual WIggle/Chainreactioncycles et.c and keep an eye out for a deal ... they are usually around

    QUick swim session for me today followed by a vet visit (not for me I hasten to add)

  • Early visit to bike shop tomorrow before tri on Sunday.  Moral of this tale: don't mess around with gears if you don't know what you're doing image


  • Hope everyone's training is going well. Good luck for the tri tomorrow Tim!

    Just joined the local tri club so I can do some open water training sessions. I found out last week that my current goggles are useless for open water (they're not tinted and can barely see out of them), has anyone got any suggestions for open water swimming goggles?

  • BUdgie, I use Zoggs predator, tinted .. sorted  image

  • Ditto image

  • Had my Zoggs for over a year, best goggles ive ever had. Don't get any fogging issues either.


    Good luck Tim.


    (Note to self, keep Lebbon away from my bike pre Grafham & Bolton racers) image

  • Thanks for the replies! Will give these Zoggs a go. They seem reasonably priced too which is always a bonus.

  • A recovery week for me last week ... but it was a poor one as i was about an hour under target image target was 12:20 i only managed 11:25 .. i fell short on swimming and cycling and went over on running (even though a chunk of it was vey slow)

    Overall, at the end of week 9 i have done 126:21 training aganinst a target of 114:56

    Comparing to previous years at this point ... last year I'd done 65:51 and 2011 (PB year) Id done 111.34


    Going into thisa week im feeling a bit under the weather ... so will have to see how it goes ... but my targe is 14:05 with a big chunk comeing ftom the bike and a 14mile run image


  • Good week Will, even though it was a knock back one. And if you're going to be a bit short it's best to do that on an easy week. Probably good with you feeling under the weather too.


  • Evening all

    just 1 session for me today


     - 2hrs spin ... Including a Sufferfest vid

     - 4 mile hard tempo trail run

     - 30 min core and stretch


  • Evening rabble

    All packed and ready to go   image

  • Have fun 

  • Have a good one Melds

  • Enjoy Melds.

  • Blaenavon Triathon done, here's my write-up.  My legs ache.  But very chuffed. image

  • great write up mate, well done again. Loving that cake as well

  • Evening all.

    a solid day for me today...


     - 7.5mile tempo trail run.


     - 2hrs spin

     - 20min stretching


  • Howdy

    I had a bit of a blip last week, feeling thoroughly fed up and pissed off with all the training, and really knackered. Was meant to run on Fri while wee one was at nursery but I was so tired I came home and went to bed for a couple of hours kip.  Felt so much better afterwards. Couldn't train Sat & Sun (work/hubby's work/weans) and went to see the back-fixing man on Mon. I think the rest has done me some good as I'm now feeling reinvigorated and raring to go

    Tried to fit in a cycle before picking the kids up from school yesterday, but two punctures put paid to that!

    Onwards and upwards - today I have biked and runned and swimmed. Back in the saddle image

  • Nursey .. We all go throu blips like that.

    A good day for me today...


     - 2.4k swim


     - 45 mile on road bike.

     - 3.1 mile run @ 10mm pace.

     - 15min stretch.

  • What WW said - we all have weeks like that. It's what you do and how you deal with it that counts, and you've got positive mental attitude image

    Another good day WW.

  • First OW swim for me this evening with the tri club, bit nippy but really enjoyed it, feeling a real buzz.  Much more confident of my half IM in 3 weeks now.

  • DimTimTris wrote (see)

    First OW swim for me this evening with the tri club, bit nippy but really enjoyed it, feeling a real buzz.  Much more confident of my half IM in 3 weeks now.

    I saw the OW announcement on FB; did you swim at Celtic Manor? When I was working in Newport a lot I was trying to find an OW venue but never did. I swam alot at the NISV pool both with and without NEWTS. A great venue - a lane to yourself pre-work morning.

    It's great for the confidence, especially knowing there is no side to hold on to.

  • Yep, Celtic Manor, really nice clear lake.  Not as cold as I was expecting, and looking forward to getting a couple more sessions in before half IM.  

    NISV is a nice pool, wish it was 50m though! 

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