Fatman to Ironman



  • Evening all


    not a bad day for me.


     - 45min run ... Calf still hurting image


     - 35miles on road bike.

     - 20min stretch

  • I went for a run   image

    First one post Lanza and my legs remembered what to do

  • Creme de la creme at tonights open water mass start training session

    SD, Budgie & Alibear image

    hate to think what that slimey stuff was we were wading in though image

  • I had a good OW session last night, really settled my nerves for Sunday.  It's a beach start ... I'll be holding back to let the rough & tumblers go first.

  • Ay up all


    TIM - Good luck at he weekend

    I realy need to get my arse in gear and get some OW swiming done .... I've been a bit of a wimp so far this year image


    Yseterday for me was ...

     - 35min  Spin session intevals of 1 min on 1 min rec
     - 10min Stretch

     - 1hr spin - drillls and recovery
     - 5k swim as 5 x 1000m

  • I find myself back on Guernsey for a few days which will give me the chance to get in a few sea swims across the course for the Sept half distance event that's over here.

    As for much of the UK the weather is wonderful with clear skies and a warmish breeze coming in off the sea. Sadly water sea temperature is close to 13 degrees which of course is decidedly chilly. Thankfully I packed a wet suit as speedos at that temperature would, for me at least, be a no no.

  • image Ay up all sorry not been about lately on the thread been poorly sick and didn't want to put anything negertive on here while you where all gearing up for glory. Back on track now and should be seeing some of you at outlaw but not sure yet if I will be able to do the whole thing.

    Any road how the dickens is everyone? image

  • Tim, just read the brief for Sunday. 'Running' beach start, that will be the fastest part of my swim then image

    Two laps as well so you have to get out the water and run round for the second lap. I havent done a tri where you have had to do that before.

  • Hey SossigeDog - check out my blog

    theback71@blogspot.com as I was v similar to you and will follow your progress to Ironman with interest!

  • today


     - SWIM drills session


     - short run along the medway ... my cal still giving greaf when i try to run image not bloody happy

  • Hi Cake.  I'm ruddy marvellous, thanks for asking. Sorry to hear you've been poorly. All better now?

  • Cake - you coming to play at Outlaw?? Someone to get drunk with - yeh!!!!! image

  • Ahem...image

    Rafiki wrote (see)

    Fortunately I don't drink so its not an issue for me image


  • Ahem indeed !!

  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)


    Rafiki wrote (see)

    Fortunately I don't drink so its not an issue for me image


    I gave into peer pressure - 'onest guv!!! image

  • Yeah whatevs !

    Rest day for me today, otherwise known as Ive been on nights and cant bearsed

    Bike tomorrow I think if the sun is still out and then a cheeky sportive on Sunday

  • Brick this morning, which went well and felt really good.  
    Only problem being that I got my bike back from LBS yesterday and although the gearing is hugely better than it was, after a couple of miles I started getting the "rrrrrrrrrrrrrr" noise in certain gears image.  So, back to the shop tomorrow.

    OW water swim tonight.  Pretty horrible, if I'm honest.  The actual swimming was ok, but my panicking about the black water was not.  I had to ask Partner in Crime to swim beside me so that I'd see her when I turned my head to breathe.  That was when I did breathe.  I realised that I was holding my breath a lot, which I think was partly the cold water and partly the panic.  It did get better as the swim went on, but I was very glad to get out.

  • Melds, those rest days come around a bit too often for me too image

    Hopefully your future OW sessions are a bit better Nurse. Fingers crossed the water will warm up soon so that will help a bit!

    The water was a lovely 16C in the lake yesterday, those extra 3-4C really make a difference!

  • Yep it was positively warm in Whitlingham almost too warm see I'm never happy. Now I can recognise SD but not Budgie, will have to get SD to introduce us. My mass star plan is sorted start at the back out the way and with a gap image 

  • Bdgie thats the good thing about an early season race .. you can put the rest days in when you like afterwards  image

  • Andy, yeah, saw that about a running beach start!  I'll be hanging at the back of the pack, I think ... losing 30 seconds at the beginning won't trouble me, and I'm not a fast swimmer.  I do 1,2 miles in 45 min in the pool, but never done it in OW.

    Looking forward to it!  Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend.  

  • I was going to try get up the front a bit more this time and then get swam over by everyone. Off the back of Wednesdays lesson Simon made me realise that i'm losing a couple of minutes by keeping out the way at the back, due to the time it then takes me to get over the start line.

    You'll be quicker than me on your swim mate, my middle distance swim last year was 51 minutes, if i remember right.

    See you tomorrow tim. Dont forget those flap jacks image

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    Cake - you coming to play at Outlaw?? Someone to get drunk with - yeh!!!!! image

    mmmmmm beer. image

    Nursey I'm 95% better Stick with the openwater it will get better as you get used to it chuckles.

  • Really nice long sea swim this morning although following overnight storms the swell was stronger than I'm used to.

    Now I'm off for half a shandy by the beach in the sun.


  • Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez it's hot out there. Think I'll leave my biking and running until a wee bit later in the day

  • I am grinning like a daftie. Firstborn has just passed his first tae kwon do grading. Proud mummy!

  • Wal to wall sun in Guernsey today although the force 8 wind is somewhat tiresome.  Back to the land of Council tax and VAT tomorrow.  Boooo!

  • Help, bike assistance required

    My bike has been to LBS twice this week for issues with the gears. I went out today (first time since it's last visit) and it's still not right image

    Please forgive my complete lack of technical lingo - in the middle ring on the front I can only use the easier half of the gears at the back. When I change up it's ok 'til halfway through the rear cogs but any further than that and the chain is rubbing against the front derailleur (?spelling). Is there a way I can fix this? Because I cannot be arsed using more training time to do the 35 mile round trip to LBS and/or not have my bike in working order.  

  • Yes you can have a twiddle with the bits & pices Nursey but I dont think I canexplain it too well ... have a look at 'indexing' on Park Toolswebsite, to be honest I would be having words with the LBS personally

    7.5 mile run for me today and a 60 mile bike planned for the morrow

  • 112m bike 5k run sportive for me in the morning, really getting the feeling now that these are the last big sessions. Quite nervous this will be my first group ride, all my bike training has been done solo, wasn't sure wether to take the tri bike and go out on my own or take the road bike and try to stay with the group. I've packed the road bike, i'm starting to think that may have been the wrong decision.

    I wouldn't be messing with the indexing myself either Nursey, get on to the LBS

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