Fatman to Ironman



  • Yep Melds, I am not impressed with LBS. Thanks for the website suggestion, I'll take a look

    Partner in Crime has recommended a couple of places which are open on Sundays, so guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

    It pisses me off for many reasons, but mostly because I have started to (finally) feel confident about my Outlaw bike and need to keep that going by getting my last few long rides under my belt. Time is precious enough as it is without having to fanny around trying to get the bike working properly.

    Moan over image

  • 70 mile ride for me today and a short brick run.  What exactly is hot over there Nursey? 21C? It was beautiful here today! 25C or so with a light breeze.

  • Being of a northern persuasion, "hot" means not having to break the ice on the outside cludgy 

  • What the duck is a cludgy?

  • cludgie 
    n. col. A water-closet, a lavatory.

  • 64 hilly & windy miles for me .... legs still work  image

  • The Grafman done. Middle distance PB for me, just. Shocking run again.

    6:31:47. Swim 47:56, Bike 3:13:31, Run 2:25:31. Had big problems on the run. Will let Tim share his results

  • Congrats SD on the PB.  Sorry to hear about the run.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    M...eldy wrote (see)

    64 hilly & windy miles for me .... legs still work  image

    Meldy, were you on a sportive today that went through Mentmore and Cublington today? I saw someone in a pirate top coming down the hill from Mentmore that may have been you as I was going opposite direction, but you'd zipped past before it really registered.

  • Yes that was me !!  The only pirate on show I believe !

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Thought so image, I'd cycled over Ivinghoe beacon and someone had thoughtfully laid out signs for me so I followed the route for a while then turned around and did it in reverse. only saw the one pirate top. looked like a good ride.

  • It was all going well until they turned up Toms Hill in Aldbury  image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done SD, 2:25 for a run that that you had problems on is goodimage

  • Good going SD

    I am a very happy nursie. BIKE FIXED! By someone who seems to know what he was doing. Took it to bits, gear cable replaced, put it back together and advised me what to do if it still wasn't perfect when I rode it. Took it out for a spin, needed a teeny tweak as advised, going like a dream image

    Now all I need is someone to fix the piece of shit Fiat fleet car I am currently sitting in waiting for the RAC man, when I should be seeing patients.

  • Good going SD image  image

    Nursey - good news about the bike. that'll give you loads of confidence image (shame about the car though image)

    Well I'm pretty much sticking with the training plan at the moment image and looking forward to this week's recovery week image

  • sportive was fun. image 48 miles into the 166m bike my right hand shifter broke, being the bike numpty that I am I looked at it for a second before ringing the event organiser. Tehy dispatched the mobile mechanic, who chucked it on his stand shaked his head a few times and said can't do much with these shifters. Amazingly in a hour he did a temp fix by putting a shifter on my tri bar, which although bloody awkward got me round the 116 miles. 

    Now just the problem of a cheap winter road bike that cost me £300 neading a new set of shifters - thaty'll be about £200 quid then. image


    Sportive completed 116m bike , 5 m run - barclaycard bill image


  • Well done on getting through the ride with a wonky bike Badger.

    I cycled this morning and cannot believe the difference in my bike since it was fixed yesterday. I now realise what hard work it's been biking with knackered gearing! Did 36 miles today and averaged 15.9mph, which is speedy for me image

  • nice one Nursey image

  • Well done Nursey, it would be absolutely flying for me - I only get up to those speeds with a tail wind!

  • Grafman (my first half iron distance) was great!  Brill to meet SossigeDog at last, and I'm delighted at my time of 5:44.  Swim 41:39, bike 3:02, run 1:52.  Aching now, but in a good way. 

  • Great time DTT now for the full one image

  • Good times there Tim

    Well done Joddly


    Yesterday fro me was focused on seeing f i could train 'around' my injury.

    Did ...

     - 2 hrs spin including a RPM class
     - 1 hr 'running' on the cross trainer
     - 15min stretch

    The running was not as good as propper running but its better than nothing and did not put and strain on my calf, as it seems to be mainly the impact of running that gives me greif. 

  • ooo...

    I've also entered the Virgin Money cyclone sportif in Northumberland. (104miles) at the end of the month

    The last time i did it ... just before my IM PB 2yrs ago ... i found it so hard with hill after hill after hill that it took me almost 9hrs to complete image


    I hope to be a little faster this time 

  • Brick done today. Bike still feeling great, happy nursey.

    Amazing what a couple of good rides can do for one's frame of mindimage image image

  • Well done to all those who raced this weekend there's some super fast times coming in now.  My weeks just been flipped upside down but for a good reason long term so mostly this week I shall be riding my bike.  I'm helping out down at the swim session tomorrow so might see a few Norfolk pirates.

  • nice one nursey, I'm the complete opposite here today image 

    [warming blokes TMI alert]  'tis TOTM chez Frag and after 4 days of massive pmt mother nature has finally called.  I can cope with uncomfortable/pain, but the past 36 hours I've had nausea on and off image  I'm fine if I stay still(ish) but if I move about I feel like  image.  Luckily it's recovery week as I managed my planned hour long bike ride, and am plucking up the courage to do my run later  - yes I know I'll feel better for it, but at this precise moment I'm not so sure..image

  • (((((Frag))))). It really is a shitty feeling. Are you eating ok or is the nausea putting you off? Take it easy with the run.

    Oh, and the drugs do work

  • Have run and felt fine actually running, but within 5 mins of stopping I felt all sicky again   -  hoping a good nights sleep and so co-codamol will sort me out image

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