Fatman to Ironman



  • Nice 2014 ... its the law.

  • Wow it looks beautiful. YES!!! What a great plan. And that gives me a year to get my iparrot workingimage

  • iParrot ... like it   image

  • Come do Ironman Couer d'Alene with me and the Budgie!

  • And can I wear the kit if I do a half IM first? Hmmm? I can definitely do the not taking myself too seriously, look fabulous in yellow, want to do an IM and am up for cheering you all on. 

    I don't have a nickname...the girls that I ride with in Suesca are the Brujas de Guita...the witches of Guitaimage 

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    iParrot ... like it   image


    I'm sure theres an appimage


  • Hannah you are more than welcome to join the coven here !

    The whole pirate 'thing' was borne out of being able to go from zero to Ironman and showing that it was accessible to all and enjoyable .. at that time this was just before the 'boom' per se and was seen (and still is in some quarters) as an elite sport, so the pirates do not take themselves too seriously, they enjoy a party, they look after newcomers and generall have a good time .. thats not to say we do not have our decent racers, age group winners, world champ qualifiers and all round good eggs but you could not wish to meet or join a nice bunch of people.
    Our race support and attendance is legendary   image
    Wear the kit, race with pride innit

  • Evening all

    A pretty solid day for me.


    - 3k swim as 3 x 1000m


     - 3hr interval 'run' on the cross-trainer

     - 30mins core and stretch

    happy with that image

  • Evening all.

    3 mile run tonight. Believe it or not, thats actually the furthest ive ran non stop since mile 23 at the london marathon image

  • Well run Sossige ...

    I swam at lunchtime and then I came in to work ... its such a heady life I lead!

  • A warm welcome Hannah. We already have a witch *ducks behind sofa*.  I do like "bruja" as a nickname 'tho.

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOO image Sossige is runnin' again.

  • Nursey .. you'll keep

    Will I have just read that again and saw you ran 3hrs on the cross trainer, you are certifiable  image

    and I am off home

  • Je je je IronBruja once I did the IM would be quite entertaining...and I'm not even Scottish!

    I had to read Will's post twice in order to be sure as well! That's a lot o cross training, I'm impressed!

  • Needs must ... i have an injured calf so cant run .... where there's a need there's a way image

  • Well done Andy, you'll get right back into it.  You've got to, I've got to have someone to chase at IM! 

  • Well done SD nice to see your back in the game. Wish I was but should be as of the weekend, really missed swimming last night but had good fun trying time everyone for the aquathlon.

    Feeling fat and unfit after 3 complete days off.

  • Welcome Hannah and nice to see you running again Soss image

    recvery week continues here, and I feel even more knackered than I do usually!  Plan says 1 hour easy biking today, and given the right old hoolie blowing outside I think I'll be on my mtb later today otherwise I'll get blown about all over the road on Alice image  Kettlebells tonight so there will be planty of gurning and grunting imageimage

  • 2hrs 50min run this afternoon. Felt really good, especially when I talked myself out of walking and kept the run going.

    Frag, I take it your back is ok with the kettlebells? I have a friend who swears by it, but I'm a bit wary.

  • Yes it's fine Nursey, I just keep to fairly low weights and always make sure my core is engaged and so far no probs - actually i'd say it's very good for my back as it gives the whole core a good workout. I guess with all these things its a case of know your limits (in my case 4kg image ) and stick to them image   Nice running btw image

  • Was just talking to the guy in charge of the embassy gym and he is going to get us some kettle bells and TRX gear yayimage

  • Nice going ladies !

    I have done a rest day today and I have done it rather well  image

  • today has been mostly .... drinking! Which I've done rather well too image

  • That is because you are well practiced !

  • Helloooo...I'm just in the wrong time zone am I not. Hmmm. Have any of you done the Miami Man HIM?

  • I have friends who've done it. Loved it, just be ready for some heat.  

  • Yeah...my only worry. I will be training all of August in Jamaica though, my hope is that that will both prepare me for Miami and leave me with a fantastic tan with which to wow all the Brits as the week after I head to the UK...my cunning plan mwahahahha

  • IronYank...where in los EEUU are you?

  • I'm off swimming...the class leader has promised we will be doing 3.5-4km each class from now on and I am excited yay *only nerd in the class even when we are swimming* 

  • Louisville, Kentucky.  Yeah, you might have heard about a little horse race here.  I'm getting ready for my 3rd IM, Ironman Louisville.  So heat is nothing to really worry about for us.  I'll be happy if it stays under about 33C.  

  • Oh wow! Good luck!

    I'd suffer I'm afraid. We're at 2600masl and while it gets hot during the day sometimes, the temperature drops right off in the evening. I have skirts and short sleeved tops in the day and down jackets at night.

    I have the registration form up and credit card at the ready, and will register for the MiamiMan as soon as I get back from swimming. I really want to try an IM next year but thought I should definitely try the middle distance first.

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