Fatman to Ironman



  • Well done IY, brilliant!

  • image image Go IY image image, fantastic!

  • Super Job IY. Well doneimage

  • Wahoooo! Well done IronYankimage Sounds like it all came together. x

  • image Nice one Yank imageimageimage

    image Well's it's almost sorted that I won't be doing the outlaw this year. Sent off a e-mail asking to turn the race into a relay and waiting for a reply. Going to get Sarah to do the swim (my weakest point) and then will try and do the bike and run. Think the bike will hurt more than it should but geting in every mile now I can before the day. Worst thing that can happen is will just hand out donut's this year again. image

  • Awesome Iron Yank imageimage congrats


  • Week 23 round-up ... Ironman is looming!

  • I like your style Yank !!!

  • A fairly good day for me yesterday ...

     - SWIM - 4 x 400m .. in a consistant 7:15 per rep

     - Just short of 45mile on the bike 

  • Looks good to me Will, wish i could even walk more than 25m without having take the weight off my foot image

  • 8 x 400 swim and a 7 mile run for me

    Rather lovely it was too !!

  • How's the running Will? Still pain free? 

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    IY - well done

    sorry to hear all the redundancy newsimage my OH got made redundant not long ago and a very stressful time indeed. He did find a new job, took the first job he was offered and is now regretting that as he hates it, so I think we are back to square 1 on that front and back to the stress.

    SD - take care of your ankle and keep up the cycling and swimming so that you make it to the run/walk bit

  • Run and swim today

    I really do need a good talking to. Will someone please tell me to stop getting my knickers in a knot about my times. Thought my swim today was really slow, until I did a bit of counting and realised that it put me under my Outlaw target.

    All together now ... "Settle, petal"

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Nurse - you will be ok! image stop worrying

  • 10k race last night with the RC, I wasn't sure about doing it as I really didn't want to get injured and i've not really been speed training. 

    40:08 - not too bad, i think if i was training for it i could get under 38. Roll on the outlaw

  • Ok, Nursey, time for a little pep talk and a little HTFU.  I recently read a blog post about a "fatman to ironman" type, like ME, who was doing Ironman Texas a month ago.  It was near 38C air temp and the idiots at WTC forgot to lay that carpet they sometimes use in the transition areas.  So this fellow manages a 2 hour swim, and then a 7.5 hour bike (not even 15 mph).  He jumps off his bike on to asphalt that has now reached upwards of 50C and he proceeds to blister the balls of his feet. He then walks the entire marathon on his mangled feet. 6 hours and 55 minutes later, he crosses the finish line with 25-30 minutes to spare.  "Nurse Ratched....YOU are an IRONMAN!"  (I learned the hard way that there are no Ironwomen as I once saw a woman with an M-dot tattoo and said something like that and she nearly beheaded me.)

    So you can see, even crap times on the disciplines can result in an Iron-finish.  So quit your whinging! (Proper usage I hope).

  • Nursey .....  sort it out woman, you WILL be fine.


  • SD - how's the ankle?

    Nursey - MTFU. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Don't forget to put the bottle of champers somewhere near the finish line. You'll want to keep it cool too.

    TB - speedy run!


  • evening all

    easy paced continious 4k swim for me tonite 

  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    SD - how's the ankle?

    Nursey - MTFU. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Don't forget to put the bottle of champers somewhere near the finish line. You'll want to keep it cool too.

    TB - speedy run!


    Yeah ... i'll be dead thirsty by then   image

  • Knew I count on you rabble

    Thanks chaps and chapesses

    (Cat, I have a very specific immediate post-finish drink request [ for sherpa Fraggle ], and then I'll get wellied into the pink champers. Then the wine. Then the malt)

  • Ah, post race pizza and beer, that's what'll keep me going....

    30 mile bike today, twat on a motorbike almost took me out at a roundabout.  He came on behind me, I was heading for the second exit and he cut across me for the first exit.  Sooooo close.  

    Just over 6 weeks til IMUK! 

  • Tim, you're only a couple weeks from that kind of stuff seemingly happening every 30 seconds.  You'll soon be in the grasp of TAPER MADNESS! 

  • Nursey, I had a huge bottle of Leffe at the end. Then it went blank.

  • Nursey it's not about the time it's the distance whats your favorite single malt?

  • Isle of Jura... Girlie palate. oo sorry, over to you Nursey!

  • Cake, I have two favourites - Lagavulin and Glen Moray. The Glen Moray because it was my dad's tipple (and it's very smooth and easy-drinking Mrs D image )

  • image Cool I actually have a bottle of each already (Jura & Glen Moray) at cake manor if you get stuck just think there is single malt at the end of this. Sure you will both finish before me so will put it into the entrance of my tent. If you get stuck at all at any point of the race just visualise it. Need to get Razor p*ssed already as well.image

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