Fatman to Ironman



  • Good luck IY.  Outlaw on tv Sunday morning, following IY Sunday afternoon (sure my patients won't mind if I tell them I need to get back to the tracker)

  • All the best IY!

    Mrs D bought a couple bottles of that Erdinger no booze booze - not for me.  Far too sweet.

    Anyway.  A few posts ago I mentioned I was unlikely to do a full distance in '14 due to family commitments. With a new small person due in January, 3 years to the day of my first born, I had all but decided to stick to shorter events with perhaps a half distance event later in the year. Well.....

    After lots of discussion around the dinner table with Mrs D and the toddler, I've decided I will make a stab at the full distance next year.  As long as I can manage my time efficiently, I should be able to put in the hours akin to Fink's "just finish" program and if I can't, well so be it.

    Copenhagan August '14 it is. 

    (well that's the plan, lets see how I'm feeling in May come a colicky baby etc etc)

  • Best of luck Jeff.

  • 2k of drills this morning despite sinking a lady who moved 2 m in the lane doing backstroke... Kick drills are tiring.

  • IronBudgie wrote (see)

    All the best Yank, should be easy for you by now!

    Anyone else here going to the National Club Relays at Nottingham this weekend?

    Not doing it but I might just might pop down on the bike and heckle on the route depends on how much of a hangover I have after a birthday party.

  • gazhilla wrote (see)

    2k of drills this morning despite sinking a lady who moved 2 m in the lane doing backstroke... Kick drills are tiring.

    People who swim backstroke in lanes.............................come the revolution image

  • While my local pool has now banned fins and paddles (but not gloves) due to the health and safety elves, they do have a no back or breast stroke policy in the “fast” lane.  The life guards police it too. 

  • Wish mine did.... I was dodging at leat four breast strokers on Wed probably each one in 50m  so anoying 

  • Mine sometimes has team GB swimmer's in it because of the centre of sport being round the corner. I pity the slow breast stroker's when that happens. image

  • 75 miles in the lakes yesterday, was supposed to be 60 but a wrong turning added extra 12 miles and 500ft of climbing... image

    but doneimage 

  • afternoon. Anyone know how Yank is getting on, i cant get any of the trackers to work? 

  • The same ISD - trackers seem to be banjaxed.

  • IY out of the water in 1:33:52

    guess the tracker wasnt working because the race hadnt started, lol.

  • Good going IY image


  • looks like he is halfway through the bike - around 3 hours for the first 56 miles on the bikeimage

  • Good going Yank !!

    That'll be a half decent bike time even allowing for half time slippage image

  • 06:20:16 bike for IY image

  • Good going image 

  • Ironman Louisville done. 14:12.  PR at the distance by 23 minutes.  PR at this event by 1 hour 43 minutes.  I'll take that all day.  I, however, did overcook the bike a bit.  My fastest ever training ride on the course was 17.2 mph, with only a tiny brick run to follow.  Today, I did it in 17.67 mph, with a marathon of course to follow.  We had very cool weather to start so wonder if hydration was poor and then we turned around with a heat index at the start-ish time of the marathon at 33C with a bright sunshine and very little shade.  Took me a good half the marathon to get over my obvious dehydration issues.  Oh well, a PR is a PR but some lessons learned image

  • well done IYimage

  • awesome IronYank imageimage

  • Go IY! Brilliant result image

  • image Yank  brilliant mate imageimage

  • Yank - excellent news!

    As for me, I've signed up for IM Copenhagen in Aug of next year.  Yeeeees! 

  • Well done IY, major congrats!  14:12 ... my exact IM UK finish time!  Now have a rest....

  • Well done IY, great news on pb..


    makes my little 9 mile training run seem very insignificant.

  • 1500m swim at lunchtime. Now that smallest child is at school, and I am working evenings, I have lots of time to get some quality exercising done. Best get planning. 

    Or I could just become a laydee wot lunches

  • 60 miles on the bike, 2 pints of guinness, 1 pizza  image

  • Well done IY

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