Fatman to Ironman



  • Awww love him, how did he manage to do that ??

  • No idea Melds, came down for breakfast and found him limping. Probably trying to scale the fireguard, curtains, bookcase ...  

  • Been a bit slack lately, and a bit injured, but have blogged about rediscovering my motivation! http://www.runwalkcrawl.com/re-motivated/

  • Scribe, I think we've all gone through a bit of a dip after our IM this year! Good to hear you have a plan and a positive outlook for the months ahead.  How's the knee?

    Been out for a short run today, 3 miles at 9:17min/m.  It seems I have overcome my "I run at 10min/m" mental block image.  I have enjoyed scaling my running right back and starting again with a different mindset.  Maybe I needed to have my post-Outlaw major falling-out with running to make me take a fresh look at things. That and a hefty boot up the arse.

    So the (very loose) running plan over the winter is an interval run, a tempo run and a LSR each week, varying the intervals and tempo for boredom prevention, and increasing the LSR gradually.  I'm even planning to swim and bike a bit in between image.

  • howdy all - have lost my mojo at the moment. Am enjoying kettle bells (a lot!) and was really enjoying my running up until tuesday where I seem to have irritated my PF again and my foot is throbbing image

    No swimming for ages, and have no desire to get on my bike either, but I have spent loads of time doing those things that got put off when I was training so much during the year - painting the downstairs loo, sorting out some photos, making jam, etc so it's been quite nice not feeling the pressure to get out and train.  I'm sure it will all some back to me......

  • Howdy burd image

    Your mojo is having a well-earned rest, it will be back when it's good and ready.  

    I had a kettle bell fanatic friend staying last weekend, and she showed me some videos of championship lifters.  I think your kettle bell-ing will more than make up for any lack of tri activities. You'll be iron in name and body.

  • Hi Nursey image  and you're doing some mighty fine running there mate.  well the arms are certainly toning up nicely and I have abs of nearly-steel image  (shame you can't see them underneath a thin layer of, erm 'padding'  image)  


    today I am mainly feeling tired due to staying up to see the first few overs of the Ashes from Dahn Undah  * yawn *

  • If there is any time to have some down time then that time is now .... errrr unless you have an IM in 3 weeks or something   image

    I am busy packing up horse rugs and buckets and all associated crap that comes with 19 years of horse ownership and all that just to move 5 mins round the corner!

  • Indeed Meldy, now is a good time to relax .... as training for Nice starts in 2 weeks!! image

  • Oh does it ?  I meant to look the other day and the I chickened out

    Is that 25 weeks ??

  • Nope - a 30 week plan starts the first week of December I think. Ought think about doing something as I haven't been swimming since my last Oly in September!

  • image Yippee training starts again soon. I might actually do some this year. image

  • I may need to actually find a plan to follow and then ignore it

  • Sounds like my type of plan image

  • Partner In Crime has just bought one of these .  I have bike envy.

  • mmmmmm carbon fibre. Nursey can you ask them how they are getting on with the Shifter's please started to see them about a little and wundering if they are any better. Not that will ever be able to aford them anyway.

  • Hope everyone's training is going well. Has everyone decided on their main event(s) for next year?

    I've started a blog (yeah, another triathlon blog!) so that my non-tri friends and family can keep tabs of how my training is going and such. If anyone would like a look, happy reading image



  • Has anybody here experienced a painful blood blister on their toe(s)? I've never really had any blisters from running, but after my half marathon on Sunday I have a huge blood blister on the side of my big toe.

    Anyone know the best way to treat this, or is it best to just leave it be?

  • Budgie this is probably not the best way to deal with it but if it was me I would pop it make sure it's clean and stick a dressing/plaster on it.

    A good soak in the bed works wonder's althrough might sting when the water touch's the blister at first.

  • Thanks Cake, it worked a treat! It wasn't the most pleasant of things, but at least it's healing now.

  • Morning all, hope everyone is well.

    no events planned for me next year. I'm going for Ironman to Fatman in 2014, then Fatman back to Ironman in 2015 image

  • Afternoon all

    Ticking over here North of t'Wall.  Out on the bike for an hour on Monday; 6 slow 'n' easy miles run yesterday; off to the pool today.

    Next year I"ve got the Outlaw swim and Loch Ness marathon.  All I need now is a sportive and I'll have a deconstructed ironman.

  • Cake wrote (see)

    Budgie this is probably not the best way to deal with it but if it was me I would pop it make sure it's clean and stick a dressing/plaster on it.

    A good soak in the bed works wonder's althrough might sting when the water touch's the blister at first.

    image Just realised bed should have been bath. Dyslexic boy strikes again. image


  • It's a good thing I used a bath and not a bed then isn't itimage

  • A hard day here. No leccy from 8.30 til 5.30 means I've only had one coffee today. 

    One feckin coffee! What feckin use is that to anybody? 

    Power came back on as I was heading out to work, where I wouldn't drink the coffee if you paid me.


    Just as well there is whisky in the house for when I get home

  • When my coffee van arrives I'll be able to come to your rescue Nursey image

  • Next time we have a power cut I'll give you a call SD image .  How quickly could you get here? 

  • 7 hours. Same it takes me to run a marathon image

  • Well training has been terrible of late as this dam work stuff keeps getting in the way - bloody clients!! image

    And a certain loveable mutt has squandered my new Boardman Road Air 9.2s fund on her bloody vet bills!! In fact her bill is more than the bike ..... but what can you do!! image

  • Bloody hell Rafi I was only wondering this morning where the hell you got to ..... you must have smelt Monday nights beer !!

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