Fatman to Ironman



  • Are donuts preventative too!



    Well done on the centrefold ISD image


  • Duda wrote (see)

    Are donuts preventative too!





    No, silly, they wouldn't work.  They've got holes in

  • Hi Guys..

    Another fatman looking to become an ironman. Seems such a long way away

  • It is a long way Phil .... but its a fun journey   image

  • Using that strange definition of fun again Meldy. ?
  • Well im hoping its going to be fun.

    What is the best way to start?

    Get my fitness up first or try and join a running club? I juyst feel I wouldn't be fit enough for a club yet.

  • why not ... most clubs take beginers?

  • I couldn't swim when I joined a tri club
  • Can you now ?

  • Evening all. Havent looked in here for a long while, hope everyones keeping well.


    Just go for it Phil. You will find you get loads of support in a Tri club, regardless of your current fitness level

  • Not really no ! But I generally managed to get round the bouys in 90 mins at an IM
  • Yes good point, ill email some clubs, Im sure there will be some in Aberdeen.


    At least I don't have to learn to swim, that's one positive at least.

    So what is the Pirate thing?


  • just get out running too.... even a 2 min run is a start!..... perfectly acceptable, even recommended to run a few mins, walk a few mins to start with.. plus, if you're on the 'generous' side on the size front, it gives your knees time to get used to the activity..... oh and welcome to the club BPO!... the very first step is the hardest.

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Pirate thing is a secret society of crazy people who absolutely, certainly, guaranteed, won't talk you into doing an Ironman soon. No, they wont. Absolutely not. Never.

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Well I don't know about soon, but I'm

    definitely up for the challenge.

  • soooooooo ....  Mallorca 2016 ???

  • When in 2016? I could foolish sign up for that yeah! Why not?  I need motivation something big to aim for.

  • He's hooked..... Reel him in Meldy, he's yours
  • Ha ha


  • 15 months?


  • Sept 2016.... Loads of time
  • Sounds fun.

    Luckly I only work 6 months a year. So if I stop being lazy and eating bad food when not at work, l i'll have plenty of time to train hard.

  • Bloody hell!  I thought this thread was pushing up daisies.  Good resurrection job BPO.  I've gone all dewey-eyed with nostalgia.

    Welcome aboard.

    As for how to get started - what that lot ^^ said.  
    The Triathlon Scotland site has listings of clubs you could look at joining.

  • Yeah, Ive been In touch wiith my local club Fleet Feet, going to pop along and see them.

    It is definitely training buddies and support I need.

  • Afternoon all. What. A great forum.

    So the first time I heard the word “Ironman” was exactly a year ago. I lived in Zurich and on one Sunday in July stumbled upon people cycling / running at 5pm in the evening and not even pretending to stop any time soon. I watched curiously near a transition area and discarded the lot as a bunch of crazy germans – there was so much lycra around my eyes started hurt.

    Did not think of it much more until this April – busy work / winter / alcohol / procrastination took up all hours of the day until a friend from work did IM South Africa. Hearing him talk about it hooked me, I started running. Slooooooooooooowly. Resigned from crazy hours job in May so ran some more. Since then, Hawaii Ironman footage watched from 2010 – 2014 (one hangover Sunday well spent), Iron War / Chrissie Wellington / Accidental Ironman books read and there’s only one thing on my mind. IRONMAN.

    Am I being naïve here – can I actually do it? My run would be best described as a shuffle by the majority of the population (but I’m happy with runs of 15-20km at the weekend.. I hear finding pleasure in prolonged torture may come in handy if I was to train for IM). Bought a road bike last Sunday and faceplanted in the store upon first try.. even without clip on pedals (couldn’t locate breaks in a timely manner). Swam in the lake when I was 7 (didn’t drown so that’s swim sorted?).

    So do I A) go for marathon, learn to cycle, learn to swim in 2016 and IM in 2017 or B) adopt the prevailing ‘f*ck it’ approach and go for IM 2016.

    Thoughts / observations welcome.


    P.S. Apologies for rambling.. longest post of the year award?


  • Deffo the f*ck it approach
  • Dave The Iron Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Deffo the f*ck it approach


  • TallGirl wrote (see)

    there’s only one thing on my mind. IRONMAN. 

    Sounds like you've already made the decision?
    Go for it! image

  • Mallorca 2016
  • Sooo that sounds a lot like a 'just *** do it'.

    I'm mostly worried about

    1) SEVERE lack of knowledge (like why do I need special pedals with clip on shoes, what is a turbo trainer, how to change a flat tyre, what kind of gels/drinks/electrolytes (throwing random words now) I will need to consume) and

    2) SEVERE lack of fitness - I'll obviously be going for 'lets just finish before the cut off' target but 17 hours of continuous exercise image What is the quickest people went from 'normal mortal' to ironman please? God where does one even start!

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