Fatman to Ironman



  • DaylightRDaylightR ✭✭✭

    Usual advice here gets distilled down to:

    Swim a bit, Bike a lot, Run a bit.

    The rest can come more slowly as you work your way closer to the IM date.

  • Oh go on then. *screams on an inside*

    Lets get down to business: Austria 2016 is sold out already (it would have been too early in the season anyway - would like to have summer to train). Zurich reg fee requires a small mortgage. Frankfurt is still open... but looking at 2015 results for W25-29, the slowest was 14:55. Is the cut off for Frankfurt 15 hours rather than 17? image I can't help but think the hour between 16-17 will be the target for me.


    One I really like the sound of is Vichy - timing wise it would be perfect (end of August), swim in the lake (don't fancy the sea), bike not too hilly..


    Any other first timers doing any of those in 2016?

  • Mallorca 2016  ?  I understand there will be a load of loonies there 

    I thought Frankfurt was 16 hours, I know Nice is 16 

  • Frankfurt is 15 hours - some arsey neighbours didnt want to have a late night on the Sunday. Boo.
  • Thanks, that's settled then.

    Bring on Mallorca. Just checked the FAQs which confirms midnight cut off.

  • Mallorca is a Midnight cut off but the start is later:-
    07:30am Start Pro Men
    07:32am Start Pro Women
    07:37am Start Age Groups. Rolling start

    So with a rolling start you may not get in the water until 08:00am?

  • Ok so 16 hours. Hard to judge having never swam or cycled, but if I give myself

    • Swim 2 hours
    • Bike 8 hours (22km/h)
    • Run 6 hours (7km/h - currently comfortably run 10km in 58mins)

    Could that be a reasonable plan?


  • ...and you didn't even need my help image

  • TallGirl, I was thinking of Mallorca as my 1st IM next year as it is a late season race but my issue is it is a sea swim. I am far more comfortable in a loch (lake).. but not sure what options there are? I am probably aiming for around the same timescale as you!!

  • The swim at IM Mallorca is in bay that doesn't really have any tides or waves

    You have loads of time to get comfotable swimming in the sea between now and then


  • UT Chick, I'm the same as you in that I wanted a lake swim, but by elimination my thought process for summer races in Europe went like this:

    • Nice 5 Jun 2016 (too early)
    • Austria 26 Jun 2016 (too early, sold-out)
    • Frankfurt 3 Jul 2016 (a little too early, 15 hour cut off)
    • UK Bolton 19 Jul 2015 (really don’t fancy racing in Bolton)
    • Zurich 24 Jul 2016 (really expensive)
    • Netherlands 2 Aug 2015 (river swim! just no.)
    • Sweden 15 Aug 2015 (Baltic Sea swim..)
    • Copenhagen 23 Aug 2015 (same as above)
    • Vichy 30 Aug 2015 (was a runner up..)
    • Wales 13 Sep 2015 (apparently pretty tough course)
    • Mallorca 26 Sep 2015 (sunny, sounds like quite a few people will be doing it - love the camaraderie, sea looked flat as a pancake in 2014 (famous last words..), entire summer to train - WINNER)

    Took my new bike out for the first ride this morning.. got stuck in the lift at 6am for 2 hours. Time well spent. If only there was a turbo in that lift... #IronmanProblems



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