Fatman to Ironman



  • First open water session done & purchased an Aqua Sphere Pursuit wetsuit.

    11 degrees in the water which certainly woke me up. However, after about 25 metres didnt feel cold at all, bit of a shock to the system sticking my face in the water but managed a bit of front crawl. God knows how i'm going to swim in a straight line, lol. Practise i suppose.

    Loved it though, cant wait for the next proper session. Today was only a 30 minute taster session.
  • It's surprising how quickly you warm up, isn't it?  One you get over the head freeze, that is.

  • Yeah, i expected to be shivering by the time i was done, cold on the face bit was definately the worse.

    Found the swimming breast stroke hard work, front crawl seemed much easier in the wetsuit though. Apart from the direction issue.
  • In the quadrathlon last year, I swam beside my friend who was breast-stroking a lot, so she did the sighting!

  • Handy, whats the best way for sighting if your on your own, every few strokes lift your head to the front for a breath?
  • Basically, yes.

  • Right guys, are you all ready for this?

    I have a friend who has been a running buddy for quite a while now.  'Twas she who persuaded me to do the Kindrochit Quadrathlon last year, and so we also became swimming & cycling buddies - my partner in crime!

    She has just talked me into doing an event for her 40th in 2013.

    The OUTLAW.


    If His Holiness The Fink says I can do it, it must be true.

    Now a question for you - how far in advance is the date usually announced/entries open?

    Oh crap, crap, crap, what have I done?


  • Gastank will be pleased - you are doing an IM in 2013! He was right!

  • Quick real her in get the catch netimage
  • Yay. Good for you. We will be starting the 30 week training at the same time then. image
  • That should be around first week in December thenimage
  • I am weak, weak, weak.  All that resistance, and in the end I just caved in!  Must be meant to be image

    It was reading Fink that swayed me.  I can get 10 hours training time out of a week.  I can and I will.

    So do we start training in December?

  • You just squeezed in before me there ST!

  • Roll on December image
  • Well that's if race is July again. I might go down and do the big swim day before outlaw this year 1k 3k 5k distances.
  • Outlaw 2012 opened for entries around late October and filled up by early December.  Id imagine it will be the same this year but id also expect it to fill up more quickly, maybe in a couple of weeks.

    Best thing is to pre-register once this years event is over then youll get advance notification when entries are going to open.  Also watch the forums here as no doubt news will be spread around.

  • ST

    Details below, I might consider the 1500m depending on how my training progresses over the next couple of weeks



    Max entries:


    Start Times:

    Prices: 30 June 2012

    Holme Pierrepont / Nottingham

    1000 for each distance

    5000m - 12:00 - ??29

    3000m - 14:30 - ??24

    1500m - 15:30 - ??19
  • Well, it just gets better and better.  Spoke to hubby about Outlaw next year, and about Fink's plan, and he said, "That's do-able, crack on"! image

  • Nice one, great to get support from the family.
  • Tri suit arrived today, but I think it's a bit too wee. Have ordered another to compare.

    Went to the pool this afternoon and did some pull.  Used paddles for some of it, which I haven't for a while due to a sore shoulder.  Had forgotten what hard work they are! Still, did 1200m all in so pleased enough with that.

  • Hi NR.

    Stick a Tri suit pic up, we can tell you if it looks too smallimage

    I'm off for a pool swim tonight. Nice relaxing one for me. Test out my first pair of Zoggs image

    My second Triathlon on Saturday, cant wait, really looking forward to it.
  • Zogg predator flex goggles, brilliant. Although i got a bit of a headache by the end of the hour, i think due to them nearly sucking my eyes out my skull.

    66 lengths, 28 of which were front crawl image
  • Good job mate, yeah I love zoggs but I had lines around my eyes for most of yesterday due to the same!! I have two pairs of said googles...

    NR - tri suits are meant to be tight, but prob worth double checking
  • That's what I'm wondering, gastank - how tight is too tight?  It takes a bit of getting into, but I can do up the zip no probs.  Feels a bit neat around the neck/shoulders/underarms.  It's a lovely suit (although never having owned one before, I have nothing to compare it to), but I have to say - bordering on fetish wear.  Will see how the one from a different manufacturer fits.

    Good swim, SD.  I also have those goggles and really like them.

  • Morning all. I have never worn figure hugging gear before so the first time in public wearing cycling gear, let alone a tri-suit, i felt really self concious.

    My suit is very snug but not uncomfortable. Was concerned about splitting it when packing all the blubber in but it is fine, its really stretchy.
  • Tried to upload a pic, SD, but there must be a problem with this new forum format............................................image

  • Run with dog in peeing rain, or swap rest day with Saturday?

  • Funny, I thought that's what you'd say! Conquering the elements it is.  Actually, I like running in the rain.

  • It's not actually raining in Norwich today, something must be wrong.

    I was going to rest today & tomorrow but feel i ought to go do a light bike ride.

    I havent ridden it since Saturdays issues, plus it had a full service on Tuesday so would probably be wise. Give me peace of mind that all is now well with it, unless something falls off it.


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