Garmins in th rain...

Whenever I'm running in the rain with my Garmin 405 it goes a bit crazy and beeps and changes screen randomly. Just a bit worried for Sunday and the weather forecast.... Does anyone have any ideas how to keep it dry and working properly?


  • Leave it at home!
  • Press both buttons at once and you lock the Bezel, the start/stop + lap buttons will still work.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    The bezel doesn't like the rain, but if you lock it (on the data screen you want to view), then it will be fine.

  • Mine is ok in the rain, just make sure you lock as already mentioned.
  • Yup, mine's the exact same. Locking the bezel does sort it out.
  • My garmin is fully water proof to 30m.........

    Buit I'd still leave it home, Listen to your Ipod instead

  • Thanks everyone, I did used to lock the bezel and then the reset button was being a bit temperamental! Will give it another try
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    Dave, you're a naughty ex-Spartan. image
  • I lock my 405 in the rain, I always have it set to auto-scroll so that the information I need is available without needing to unlock and lock again.

    Also worth noting if you train when it's both wet and dark - the two-finger-touch to illuminate the screen obviously does not work when the bezel is locked. To get around this I use this well-buried setting:

    Menu -> Settings -> System -> Backlight -> Mode -> Keys and Alerts

    This way the screen automatically lights up to show you your lap/split time and then fades out again.
  • Ballesteros you are my new hero.
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