Tapering troubles

I'm running VLM this weekend and was wondering if anyone else is suffering heavy legs during their taper?

I went out for a three mile jog last night and felt like it was my first time running. I usually feel sluggish doing anything under four miles but still.

Ever since my last proper long run (20 miles two weeks ago) every time I start running I feel like I've already done 20 miles.

I saw my physio on Saturday who loosened me up and that has made me feel slightly better.

I'm just struggling with the concept of running 26.2 miles on legs which feel like they're no good for even six miles. I don't remember feeling like this before Brighton last year.

Any tips?


  • Adam,

    This is absolutely normal, I have it every year, I don't even bother running now the week before the marathon. I think it must be something to do with marathon nerves. Comes Sunday and you will be fine. It is such a fantastic feeling when the time comes and the mass of bodies starts running.

  • I felt the same on my 3 mile run last night - so it isn't just you!
  • same here as well, perfectly normal.
  • Thank god for that, I've trained so hard this year and was getting stressed I'd overdone it or underdone it or a million other things! I missed a lot of training through injury last year so I suspect I feel like I do now because I've done it right this year.
  • Its just mental tension, I reckon. Felt fat and lethargic in my taper, and incredibly anxious (best anxiety dream, anyone?) then come Sunday in Brighton, and as I crossed the start line, I just thought "I am running a marathon", and it all flowed from there.
  • For what it's worth, same with me. Live close to the St James' Pk, and was planning on running the home straight - but decided to call it quits after Birdcage Walk (and after only 3 miles).  Eeek!
  • This is a good sign it means for the first time in ages your legs have enough glycogen stored so you are nearly ready for for VLM.  As Edith says perfectly normal if you're well trained and ready.

    Good Luck

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