Slight groin strain so no runnng tll Sundays Marathon, will I be ok?

Noticed a slight groin strain last 3 runs in the past week which whilst doesnt stop me running doesnt feel right till ive run a few miles and warmed up.

I did 4 miles yesterday and it was ok but I defo  know its there,  does get better as im warming up doing the miles, am I best resting now till Sunday and not doing anymore running?  Worried about not having a good pre marathon prep week.



  • Just rest from now on - all you'll do if you try and run is risk greater injury.  Running at this stage will make no difference to your overall fitness.
  • Mark,

    I am in a similar position mate. Have had that slight feeling of tightness when walking and I really noticed during the first mile of last night's run (four miles) and the first mile of last weekend's long run (10 miles).  Gonna rest until Sunday, suggest you do the same.

    I have taking ibuprofen and icing it for 20-30 mins each night. This is the best I can do, it has been making it feel better. Although I suspect it;s gonna be hurting me on Sunday when I start to build up the miles. Then again it might not appear, very difficult to call at this stage.

    Take painkillers with you on Sunday. I have just accepted there's nothing I can do about it and am focusing on getting the job done.  As Bear B.Hind says, your preparation is complete now. Rest up and give yourself a fighting chance.

    Good luck with it.

  • Would just advise rest now also. If you've put in the training already you wont gain anything by running this week anyway.

    I was in a similar position last week and only did two very short 3-4 mile runs on the Weds and Thursday before the Rotterdam Marathon due to a suspected slight strain on my IT band.

    I think that the enforced rest actually did me the world of good and I felt really fresh for the Marathon and beat my PB by 9 minutes.

    I would be careful with taking painkillers pre race, I've been advised that Ibuprofen/Neurofen (anti inflamatory) do affect your uptake of carbohydrates so never taken before a run.

    Good luck for the race!

  • Guys any updates on how yoo got along with the marathon. 10 days to got for my first VLM and I seem to have picked up a groin strain, initially it started with tightness on the ineer right tigh in the place where it meets the torso. This happend in the middle of 16 mile run, i felt okay after a couple of days and with the stretches did a 5 mile run at the end of which I had some swelling which persists.It doesn't give me any pain under normal circumstance,but if I press the swelling it pains a bit

  • If you guys are running London there is time to get a decent sports massage. It will help work out any tightness. Ideally 4-5 days before the race would be ideal, but no harm if it is this week!

    Defintely worth doing!

    I had all sorts of tightness following a race on Sunday but feel the best I've felt in weeks today after a massage yesterday.

    Good luck.

  • It's a pleasure SW.

    Just did 9 miles with 3 in the middle at a fair bit faster than MP and felt the best I've felt in a long time. Wish I'd gone for the massage sooner!



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