Racing shoes for slight overpronators

Hey everyone,

i've been looking everywhere for a pair of racing shoes which are helpful for slight overpronators and i havent found any luck image

does anybody have any suggestions? would be great help!!!

thanks image


  • I use adidias tempo (tempo runs) and Brooks racer ST5 (intervals) as my speed shoes and I overpronate
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Don't exist because if you are fast enough to use them then you'll be up on your toes not heal striking. On the other hand if you need a slight arch support, then remove the innersole that comes with the racer and put in something else that has. I myself use a Saucony innersole from a pair of studs.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    RicF wrote (see)
    Don't exist because if you are fast enough to use them then you'll be up on your toes not heal striking.

    Well that's simply not true. I heel strike running at 5:20/m, I've seen the photos.

    Similar in style to both the Tempo and ST5 that dean recommends, but a bit lighter, are Saucony Fastwitch which have been my favourite racing shoes for a while now. If anything the latest version 5 are the best of the lot.  They have a slightly lower heel than previous version so they're supposedly suitable for neutral runners, but still have a stiffer midsole section for mild overpronation.

  • I've heard that the Adidas Mana is a good overpronation running shoe is this true?
  • I ran London in the Mana's last year and loved them.  They're nice and light and do offer some support although I'd say what you gain in support you lose with cushioning.

    That said, Adidas only seem to suit some people as they generally come up small and narrow.  I'm using the Adios this year (much to the horror of my physio) but I find them that bit more giving than the Mana.

  • Asics DS Racer are also supposed to be a racing shoe suitable for mild overpronators. Some other recommendations in this thread too:
  • Newtons do a specific pronation model of racing flat - the Distance S. Craig Alexander - 3x Ironman World Champion - wears them. I run in the women's version, the Distance U, and they are awesome, I love them!
  • PhilPub 

    You sound like a man  in the know... how much of a difference do you find in using racing shoes for a race as opposed to just using 'normal' shoes... ive bought saucony omni 8s and tend to use them for everything! Would like to invest in some racers but dont want to knacker my feet or legs. Would you suggest using them up to a certain distance? Say 10k? Cheers.

  • Brooks ST5 of Saucony Fastwitch are the best ones on the market as a Racer with slight support.

    A lot of runners use racing shoes not just for their races, but also for their speed training. With a so called normal shoe used to put in the milage training for a marathon for example. The advantages is that you are protecting your body more when using a normal shoe when running a lot. I prefer using racers for the race itself, not especially because it will make me faster, but the lighter weight acts for me like a placebo effect. 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Another vote here for Asics Gel DS Racer. Not the lightest racers in the world, but light enough and enough support for a mild over-pronator.

    As for how much difference they make, its worth bearing in mind that weight on your feet is worth about the square of weight on your waist as you move them in three dimensions. therfeore 100g saved on your shoes is the same as losing 1kg of fat!

    3-6 seconds a mile for a typical 100g per shoe saving by some reckoning, so as much as 36 secs off a 10k. Also, don't underestimate the pyschological effects of having lightweight racers on your feet !

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Oh, and as for distance, that depends on the runner to a large extent - weight, gait etc. I've used DS Racers, and their even better (though less supportive) pre-decessor the Ohana at marathon distance with no problems.
  • appreciate the responses... may well invest in a pair of Saucony Fastwitch then. The potential of knocking half a minute of a 10K pb sounds too good not to at least try!

     i think i'll keep to using my usuals for 1/2 marathons and marathons then.

  • Mizuno Musha is a racing flat designed for slight over-pronators.

    Edit.  Review here:

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