Anyone Roth-ing this year?

Hey forumites, I already asked this in the 2012 IM training thread, but I just wondered if anyone was planning on rocking Roth this year?

I had planned an outing there with some friends, unfortunately none of them are now able to make it, so I am going to be on my ownio  image I am dragging the husband along with me, but there's only so many conversations about gels and heartrates he can handle before boredom sets in...! 

Anyone care to join me? 


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    I'm not crazy enough to be taking aprt in Roth but I am planning on going and watching. Does anybody have any tips about camping there? I.e how easy is it to get a place if I arrive on Sat afternoon? On the Challenge-Roth website they mention a temporary camp site near the swim start

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