VLM ballot and GFA question

Hi all,

When does the ballot for the London marathon usually open, and IF (big if) I was to get a GFA time in a marathon this year can I apply again.., or update my application or something? 


  • The GFA entry last year closed in early July so you have to run your GFA time by then.

     I'm not sure on the exact timeline but I'm fairly sure they close at a similar time, so if it doesn't look like you're going to hit your GFA time then you can enter the ballot.

  • It states on the VLM website that the ballot opens on April 30th. Good luck with getting an entry, I will be trying too!
  • yes 30th april for the ballot....GFA i haven't seen a date yet for those....

    good luck
  • I don't know(is this the blunt thing you mean)
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