VLM runner tracking


Does anyone know if there is anyway of tracking a runner in the Lonodn marathon? I have read lot's about an adidas tracker that doesn't appear to still be going and some other bits but there is nothing definite.

If anyone knows of anything i would be very grateful!




  • If you go to the Virgin London Marathon site, you'll be able to put the runner's number in and track them that way. It will only work on Sunday though image
  • Yep as above, but most smart phones also have the capability nowadays or if you wanted to spend money, Garmin sell a GTU10 tracker for around £180 from Currys
  • Thanks, i'll try the website.

    I'm not looking to spend any money but i did try google lattitude on my phone which works well when it's open but not when i have it closed or even when my phone is locked. I thought it would still go in the background but it appears not.

    Is there a better way on your phone?

  • Here is the lnk to the page I think, though it is not active yet:

  • Thank you!
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