Novice Tri

Hi all,

 I am signing up for my 1st Tri which is on the 1st June.

 I feel my bike and run will be fine after doing a block of both last night and not dying from exhaustion.

My main problem is the swim, I can swim but don't do it very often so should I just concentrate on getting some swim training in with the knowledge that the other 2 disciplines are pretty safe?


  • Well, you will need to be able to swim the distance comfortably or you won't be able to complete the tri.

    However, the bike section is the longest in terms of time, and therefore where most time can be gained.
  • Claret,

    I was thinking as my swim is bound to be shocking i'll make it up on the bike and run.

    Really must get down the pool image

  • The most common advice is swim a bit, run a bit, bike a lot.

    But as I said, you do need to be able to cover the distance comfortably.

    Why not have a look at last year's result if on the web. What sort of times were people doing for the different disciplines? What sort of times can you do? Where can you make most improvement.

    Sounds like you did a brick session the other day (bike then run straight away) - it is important you do several of these as it can be really tough to get the legs moving after the bike if you haven't practised it.

    You should also practice transitions - you can waste a lot of time there otherwise! It is amazing how your hands don't do what you want when you are just out of the water.
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