TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭
A call to all Pirates that have either got an old pirate cycle top lying around, given up or lost so much weight that they have got smaller clothes.

I am still a fat chaffer so I am looking for an xxl cycle top for outlaw.

willing to beg, steal or borrow (ok not the steal bit) but hoping that someone might be able to help out.

Have a monaco for the run, just fancied keeping that fresh for the run seeing as I am going to be out there a long time.


  • Hiya,

    Ive a spare XL cycle top you can borrow, re fit, im a 42" chest, 36" waist.

    If youre ok with the size, youll have to remind me nearer the time though, perhaps PM me the week before, bounce this thread etc?
  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭
    Thanks barly will pm you closer the date.

    Need all the pirate support I can get!!
  • it will be too warm for cycling will be monacos all the way with brillaint sunshine and blue skies.....

    because i'm not luck isn't good for racing.....i had hurricane winds and rains trying to get me at both my Ironman distances last year

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