half marathon nerves

Im due to run the southend half marathon in early june.im currently running roughly about 15 miles a week.im following a training plan that builds up gradually.Im just so nervous about all aspects.

Diet,distance,speed,gels.you name it !!im nervous about it.

Has anyone got any words of wisdom or advice.

Im doing this off my own back,35 years old and realised that i needed to do something as the pounds were piling on.I have never run any great distance before.3 miles max as football was my preferred sport but i have found that running is good for me as it clears my head after a day at work and its all my own work.

Please,any advice would be appreciated.



  • The nerves are pretty normal Rootsy, so don't worry about it. You may find that knowledge about running can help to put the nerves/ uncertainty into place. You can learn about it by reading some running books, by jumping into a well established running thread on this forum, or even by checking out a local running club. Most of them are very welcoming to newbies and will give all sorts of advice. Most important thing is not to be afraid.

    Hundreds of new people surface here all the time, so don't sit on the edges, just throw yourself in and don't be afraid to ask what you might think are dumb questions. I was older than you when I started running and now I am close to winning local races. It's not the performance which matters so much, just the feeling of being alive that running brings to me. Wishing you similar good experiences. Good luck!
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    Don't worry about anything. Like a baby learning how to walk if you fall over you'll land on your bum and get back up again. It's not terrible.

    Like Tricky, I was much older than you when I started running. Wish I'd started earlier, I may have been quite good.

    You have plenty of time to train for your half, I would advise that you enter a 10k, just to get used to what a race feels like. Maybe find a local parkrun - 5k time trial that is free.

    Gels - ditch them, don't worry about gels and energy drinks and the such. Your distances are so small that your normal diet will supply. Make sure that it is healthy. Don't worry about speed, at this stage of your running career you are just building the distance.

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    There really is a wealth of advice to be had on these forums. Read it slowly or it'll just blow your mind. Bit like eating all your sweets in one hit then being sick.

  • Hi Rootsy,

    Judging by your user name, am guessing you are based around Southend area. +1 for the advice previous 3 replies. To ally some race nerves could you get over Westley Park, Langdon Hills ? They have a summer series of 5k runs on the 2nd Wednesday of each month starting 9th May. Only costs £1 per race. Pitsea Running Club have details on their website.

    Also do look up local running clubs, you can usually try them out first before deciding wether it's for you or not. I don't belong to one but know of people who do, and has helped them immensley (sp).

    I started running at 50 ( now wish done it so much earlier ) 2 years further on and learnt huge amounts by coming on here and just researching the web in general. There isn't a right way or wrong way, there is a Your way, you just have to find it.

    As for Southend Half, im doing that one and looking forward to it. Done Brentwood Half a few weeks ago, was my first. Leading up to it, training was ok. A couple of weeks before and the nerves started, morning of the race wasn't sure i could go through with it. When i got there though seeing all those people, the atmosphere, friends/family the adrelinin kicked in. Bloody loved every yard of it and came home in 1:58;48. Just take a deep breath, soak it up and you will be fine.

  • PS, also suggest pay a visit to the ( GULP, i,ve just entered my first half marathon thread ) on beginners tab. Real friendly, helpful bunch of people.
  • I am always nervous before i do a half marathon and i have done about 10. Its more the adrenaline kicking in. Nothing is quite like your first though. Everyone's running style is individual though, and there is lots of tips on here about carb overloading the night before, what not to wear. There was a great article in the free magazine 'Become the runner you want to be' Marathon special. It gives tips about what NOT to do before a marathon and the principle applies to half's too. If you cant find it, email me, i will copy it out for you.

    Just enjoy it is my advice. If you relax, then so will your running. If i could give just one bit of advice, i would say, dress appropriately. Avoid cottons, dress light, and make you have decent running socks and shoes. This coming from a guy who didnt do any of that on his first, and regretted it.

  • Sounds like you are going to be well prepared, as per the above post, the socks are a must. I started running in Jan this year and completed the brighton hm in feb. Ran in normal sports socks and my feet were like minced meat.

     Best of luck, you say 35 years old I say you are 35 years young! image

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