How Much Can I Improve in 12 Months?

Obviously the simple answer is down to me but....

I've only been running seriously since the turn of the year. Since then I have completed two races, the Ashby 20 (2:40) and the Brighton Marathon (3:51).

I've got the bug and have started to put a proper schedule together to try and improve my marathon time. I had got it into my head that I could have possibly gone sub 3:30 last weekend at Brighton but I'd had a funny stomach leading up to the race, so didn't eat until mile 15. It went pear shaped from there.

I have joined a local running club which has made a difference and have felt a lot stronger than I did on Sunday on long training runs.

I have entered the Ultra Peaks 40 in August, but will just be happy to complete it.

My main focus is on improving my Marathon time (Next one entered is Brighton 2013).

How much could (or should) I improve in 12 months with the right training?. I'm planning on extra track speed sessions in the summer.

PB's to Date: 

HM Best: 1:38

15 Mile Best: 1:55

20 Mile Best: 2:40

FM Best: 3:51

An open question I realise, but would appreciate some guidance and methods to help me improve.


  • A lot will depend upon what you're currently doing in terms of mileage and as you say, how many miles a week extra you're prepared to put in.

    I'd say some reasonable goals are sub 1:30 HM and a sub 3:20 Full.

  • Well at the minute I'm having a few weeks off running to try and clear a persistant cough and to let my legs fully recover ready for the next round of training.

    The plan as it stands is to continue my training from the marathon for the ultra in August. These will be big but slow miles, i'm hoping that this training will build strength in my legs.

    Then from September I will start a new marathon schedule which will include a half marathon race.

    So I'll definitely be putting the effort in. Hopefully my speed will improve along the way.

    I'd be very pleased with a 3:20 marathon in 12 months.

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