British 10k - being made to wear provided t-shirts

FayaFaya ✭✭✭

Hey all. I'm running the British 10k for chairty this year. It wasn't until after I signed up that I found out that this race can be...questionable sometimes.

Anyway, found out today that they are going to be making us wear t-shirts that they will provide, with our running numbers on them. I don't like this, myself and a huge bunch of us running for charity are supposed to be running in fancy dress. It's going to be hard to do that if we are all being made to be t-shirt clones for the day. I also don't like the idea of running in a shirt I haven't trained in.

This is from the FAQ: "You must also wear your race t-shirt as this will be your race number so this number will need to be visible at all times."

I'm almost wishing I hadn't signed up and if it wasn't for my charity I would consider pulling out.




  • this race can't be run under UKA rules then - as surely club colours must be worn?
  • Hey Faya,

    I'm afraid I have no idea how strict the organisers are about wearing the t-shirts, but if you don't mind ruining the shirt you could cut the numbers off and pin them to your costumes.

    It's such a pain, I did a 10k race a few years ago where you had to wear the race tshirt. The race was in mid-July, it was boiling, and the race t-shirt was thick black technical fabric. Horrible. But seeing as Nike has come on board as sponsor I wouldn't be surprised if this was to make sure their branding is prominent throughout the event.

    Grendel - I'm sure it ISN'T run under UKA rules. Someone posted a response from race organisers in one of the other threads, they said they aren't run under UKA rules and have no plans to try to get accrediation in future.

  • Gavlar CGavlar C ✭✭✭
     Write your number on a bit of paper and pin it!!!!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    Same.  Wasn't aware of this.  But aware of the reputation as one year did the 5k they held before the 10k.  Bit of a shambles.  But I like the route.

    If everyone refuses to wear the t-shirt - what they going to do?!  There are hardly any marshals, so i'm going to rebel.

  • Ooooohhhh you naughty rambler girl
  • this is indeed so the Nike people can take nice big photos of a whole field of people wearing their logo - I just saw one of these at the Nike shop in London...a trend to be resisted if possible

  • I'm sure there will be thousands of Lemmings lining up to do it again this year.
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    Oh Sussex Runner.  You know, you and I could have been a great comedy double act. We could have hit the big time together.  If only you were funny.
  • Maybe I am funny but I'm more of a cult act that only really cool people like.
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    Oh.  Like those cool people who like children's cartoons?

  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭
    Hi Xine,

    I thought the same about it being a Nike "let's put our name everywhere" sort of thing. Surely they can do that with signage around the event?

    I'm thinking of taking scissors with me and cutting out the number and pinning it to me. It's only a 10k and I feel the charity is more important then me getting a free tee that I'll never wear again.
  • The Powerpuff Girls are amazing. You probably wouldn't like them though.
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    No.  Haven't seen them at a Ramblers convention.

    Anwya, as much as I would like to hjack this thread for a bit of unhealthy banter between two old friends.  I don't.

  • Run without any shirt. Fight the power!
  • Hi, there was a post by a Nick H, under the name Nike, at the start of the week about the same thing. I can't get the post now but ifyou do a search you should be able to see it. He won the battle. It should make interesting reading. Good luck.
  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭
    Thanks Envious plodder! I had looked, but I couldn't see anything originally.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    I see it this way. If you have paid, then the choice is yours. If Nike has paid you, then the choice is Nike's. The only one Nike has paid is the organiser so let him wear the T shirt.
    He who pays the piper etc...
  • I usually do this one and it can be a bit of a shambles. 

    in their FAQs they give the following answers to  questions - 

    Is fancy dress allowed?

    Yes but please make sure it is lightweight, practical and runner friendly. The run is in summer, so make sure you're not going to be too hot. You must also wear your race t-shirt as this will be your race number so this number will need to be visible at all times   (!!!  that would be fun over a costume then!!)

    Do I have to wear my raace t-shirt?

    Yes. This t-shirt is also your race number so must be worn throughout the race and the number itself must be visible at all times. This is important so we know you are part of the race and services like photos and video will only work if your race number is visible.  

    I had the same issue with Run to the Beat last year though they did back down and say I could wear something else and just display my number.  It's a crazy plan as your shirt might not fit or could be uncomfortable.  To send it back and get a different one would cause chaos with the race numbers and leave very little time for you to train wearing the new gear. 

     Will it be a technical shirt or their usual cotton type thing?  No way I would run in their usual offering.

    They're not known for being in control too well once you get past the baggage drop so I would say do what you like once you're through. Displaying your number is the important thing.

    Also, if they don't tell you about that bit up front they can hardly insist you stick to it.

    I'm quite glad I have a clash of events this year !

    Good luck

  • what they gonna do? not let you race?
  • I'd been thinking about this too. I really want to wear my charity shirt. Think I might join the people who are cutting off their number and pinning it on!
  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭
    Hi guys, here's an update for you from my side. I contacted my charities event organiser, she got in contact with the race director/organiser. We've been told that we can wear our charity tees/fancy dress and we get to keep the official tee as a momento. I think it was a Nike thing, not the race directors thing, so I suggest contacting him to ask.
  • excellent work, faya!
  • What about the race number though? 

    Faya you could be right about the Nike thing.   Run to the Beat did the same and that one is also sponsored by Nike..

  • As this race isn't timed why do you need to wear your number anyway?
  • They won't let you into the baggage area without it and you usually have to go through baggage to get to the start   - but whether you actually put it on . . . . . . .  
  • As I understand it the event is on open London Streets and anyone can run the event; you don't even need to enter.

    You obviously can't take any drinks or goody bags as that would be theft, but do they provide any?

  • They do provide goody bags which you collect when you go back to get your stuff from the baggage bays. 

    The start is penned in but not very well and nobody is there to stop folks leaping barriers.

  • I will be wearing my charity shirt, OUCH UK; I ran for Les Charlton. It would be quite fun to watch NIKE trying to stop me!!

  • I got my pack today & it contains the printed numbered t-shirt, PLUS a standard paper number with pins - I take that as meaning you could use either?

  • I'm doing this for Women's Aid and received a pack on Monday from the race organisers containing a black technical T-shirt - yes, mine medium is too small as well - and a rectangular sticky label.  Anyone know what this thing is?  Am I meant to write a number on it and stick it to me?  The outside of the pack states that "a race timing device is included".  Well, it wasn't.  I only got those two items.

    The T-shirt thing is clearly a grossly cynical marketing tool by Nike to turn us into identical drones with faint whiffs of the Nazi propaganda machine and their enforcement of wearing the Star of David, although to identify us a being Nikephiles (similarly grouped together but with a percieved connection to Nike rather than the differentiation that the star suggested).  Let us not forget that this is the same overbearing thing that Nike do with Run to the Beat.  There were huge queues at their marque there to get hold of traditional numbers.  I'm fed up with it and with Nike and that'll be the last pair of Lunars I buy. 

    I understand that Women's Aid are going to forward me their own vest as well, together with a timing chip (do charities really have to pay more for this?).  I'm not sure if they'll send a new number as well but I truly hope that the race is not as awful as most people describe....  It can't be as bad a rttb...

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