VLM Expo - Maximuscle Products?

Hey I will be making my way to the Expo tomorrow and just wondered whether theres stalls to buy carbo gels? 

Ive been using Maximuscle Viper Boost gels on my long runs and have just run out and need a couple for Sunday!!!


  • Hi Mark,

    Yes, there is a MaxiFuel stand - I use the Viper Boost & Viper Active gels too so made a beeline for  them!


  • Phew ive been really worried as my local Tesco has stopped selling them, and havent managed to find any since so thats good that they are on sale there!! Thankyou so much image
  • Good call, I'm in the same situation image
  • Yes, my local Tesco stopped selling them too! I ordered some online and then found that my local Holland & Barrett sold them. I was glad they had some at the Expo though as I'm all stocked up and ready to go now! Good luck to you both for Sunday image
  • On a completely unrelated question, would it be ok to eat a takeaway tonight or should I be sticking to good wholesome foods?  Ive been carbing up and hydrating for a few days and really fancy some stodge lol.   Tomorrow will be bread and pasta......
  • ^ first time runner!
  • Good wholesome foods would be better, but it probably won't do too much harm to have a takeaway tonight. Just bear in mind that they can be quite salty and could leave you feeling dehydrated so make sure you drink plenty of water. It sounds like you're doing a better job of carb loading than I did for my first marathon - my diet consisted mainly of Doritos - not good! image
  • Dorito's are carbs right..? image  Im getting a bit sick if pasta and rice to be fair, I was eyeing up some fish and chips!
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