Funky running shorts

Does anyone know of a UK supplier for lycra-type running shorts in colours other than black?  And I don't mean a tasteful, go-faster stripe, I want flowers and leopardskin and planets, something to brighten up the trails this summer (goodness knows, my performances won't do it!).  I have to wear cycle-style shorts due to chaffing but mine are all boring and I've had enough, I want bad taste and crazy colour.  I could only find these but they are US-based and I like to feel the quality of the fabric or I could end up with 70s spandex. Surely this is a business opportunity for someone out there, or am I the only person with no taste?


  • You want to try somewhere that sells Dance stuff .. I suspect that would be a similar thing
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    What a cool site! I like, but am I brave enough to wear that stuff?
  • I am so pleased youi put me in touch with this site. I can spend all my money looking cool and I'll never need vasciline again! Hoha. KK
  • Thanks Meldy, I'll try dancewear but I do want proper stuff with running-specific technical and wicking features, not sure if leotards have a gel pocket as standard image.  Still hopeful of getting a UK supplier through the combined knowledge of the great RW brains out there but this was all I could find after a day of searching.
  • i saw a guy running at the rock n roll race this month in tights that were printed with muscles, looked like his legs had been skinned, looked pretty awesome actually.

    they looked like this, although they look better on her lol.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I know the OP asked for garish shorts rather than tops, but if tops will do there is always Foska.

    I've got the Heinz, bones, Dennis the Menace and Marmite vests image

  • the london A-Z one would be good for the VLM
  • I have some running shorts which I actually bought for about £1 from Primark. They have flamingos on, and are actually super comfortable unless it's really hot, I was quite impressed. They are baggy, not lycra though. 

    Those muscle leggings are one of the creepiest things iIve ever seen!!!

  • I have been trying everywhere to find a pair with leg bones printed on them and had no luck.  I love the muscles ones but its from an Australian company I think

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I've bought from running funky - They are not expensive but did not last very long either which is a pity. I wash all my sports wear on a slow spin speed as well so it wasn't the machine. I just make my own stuff but can't source the silicone leg gripper. image

    I wear anything for running in though, plenty of funky leggings out there if you shop around. I don't worry about it being running specific.

    Primark sold nylon lycra jeans look leggings last year and I bought some of those. I cut one pair down to shorts for running in and wear another pair over my cycling shorts.

  • I don't get it.  It's running gear, not everyday wear.  Why the need to make a statement?

    Some of the Foska designs are fun, but I see so any cyclists in the same ones it reminds me of Goths or other alternatives who think they are so individual yet hang around with people who dress the same as them.  I've also heard that the Foska running tops aren't great if you want to keep your nipples.

  • because its just nce to have a bit of fun sometimes in this boring stressful miserable country.......

  • It's not a boring, miserable country and if it really was, putting on silly pants isn't really going to change that.

    But each to their own - it does no harm other than to other people's sense of tasteimage

    Good luck with your search.

  • I beg to differ as you obviously have a better life style than me.  If something makes people smile there is absolutely nothing wrong with it image

  • I kind of know where you're coming from BDB, I just want to have a bit of fun now and then and maybe make a few people smile on a local trail - don't worry, it's club colours only for the serious stuff like XC!  I'm just bored with black.  And having been a soul girl, punk, a goth etc during my long lifetime, believe me 've gone through all that tribalism and don't define myself through clothes anymore.  I guess it's the same as you might change your tie or shirt occasionally (hopefully!) or do you wear the same outfit every day?  Thought not... 

  • I wish I could say that I'm like Einstein and have 7 identical outfits but that would be a lie and completely misleading on my limited brain power image

    Funny you should mention ties though.  I always see people with Disney/character ties and socks as people who want to be fun and different but just look a bit, well, not fun.

    I accepted way back that I don't look good in sports kit so am fairly happy with what's on offer.  Provided I can find a bargain. 

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Heh, I was a pub rocker, then a punk, then a rude boy. Never a new romantic though. That dates me, eh? (After rude boy came squaddie - drill sergeants soon wean you off tribalism).

    Lighten up BDB! I wear the Foska tops a) to add a bit of colour and b) to disguise the fact that as I run much of me wobbles (although I prefer to say "ripples"), and in a Foska top I draw comment on the top rather than the wobbling. A bit sad that people feel the need to comment, but that's another discussion ...

  • Ooh,Ii was a New Romantic, I am actually in the video for Soft Cell's Tainted Love which was filmed in our local club in Leeds image, I am completely unrecognisable now though, ha ha!

    I do agree with BDB about the Disney ties though... but this is different!

  • I'm not grumpy really, honest.

    The Disney ties etc always remind me of this

  • Love love love tasteless/colourful kit!! Not all women want to wear neon pink image

    How about running skirts? I like these - cover up wobbly bits.  American company now with UK base. Pricey but some cute stuff.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I can see every reason to want to wear odd stuff when running. Or in any aspect of ones life. Guess if you like dressing conservitively then you're not going to want to dress differently when running.

    I upcycle a lot of my clothing, I edit and revamp as well as make from scratch. Why would my running / cycling clothes be any different.

    If you are looking for more fun colours in your swimming costume try Funkita / Funky Trunks.

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