8 minute limit

I am begining to think I'm never going to be able to run further than 8 minutes. I have tried physio twice at vast cost to BUPA and each time it doesn't work or I have a mjor relapse. Currently after 8 minutes on the road or 10 on the treadmill the muscles at the back of my left knee tighten up to such a degree that I can't run.

Has anyone experienced similar and if so what did you do. I am trying every stretch I know but maybe that's not enough...


  • Braders, are you warming up on a cycle or something before you stretch? If not that could be causing the problem. Stretch at the end of your sessions until you get to doing intervals or something similar. Even at that stage you must warm up before stretching.
  • Glenn, I am currently x-training using the old cross-trainer, bike and stepper down the gym. I do the stretched after this, I never do them cold. I think the problem is more what is this pain and what should I be stretching....
  • How fast are you running, Braders? And do you do any other sports?
  • Fast, not very. On the treadmill I'm doing about 10Kmh and on the road slightly less, I think. Other sport, not realy just the gym and the occasional game of squash. I am trying to losse weight now as I am begining to wonder if that's related although I am only 14.5 stone, at 6'1" that isn't too bad. Is it......
  • How long have you been running for? 10kmph is pretty fast on the treadmill. Why don't you try going a bit slower and gradually over time working your way up?
    Start at 8kmph on an incline maybe.

    When I was an absolute beginner (February)I walked on the treamill and gradually, gradually, worked up to intervals of walk/run, then eventually (August) running continuously at 8 - 9kmph. It took me 6 months and I've a way to go yet.
    I couldn't run at 10kmph on the treadmill for long either!
  • Beth, this is part of the problem. I've been running on and of since 2000. The of has been due to this recuring problem. This year I did gradually manage to get to 8km within 45 minutes which was looking good, then it all went hirribly wrong. If there was an obvious reason I'd be happier but no. Shoes are fine, didn't do anything strange etc.
  • Might be worth trying a run/walk schedule and building from there. Start with 10x 1min run/1 min walk and you're already running 2 minutes more per session than before. There's no shame in walking - I did run/walk for 6 weeks coming back from injury and then gradually returned to my marathon training programme. Good luck!
  • I suppose it's got to be worth a try, I feel like I'm going backwards here but maybe thats what I need to do. So tonight I'll try run walk on the treadmill and see what happens, if its OK I'll try it on the road tomorrow.
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