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It's my first London Marathon on Sunday.  Any tips about going to the loo on route?  Do the toilets have long waiting times? A bit of a worry for someone like me...  Any tips please? Thanks. image


  • Better to get tips on how to make sure you don't have to go
  • M or F? There are lots of loos at the start, with a decent sized urinals 'pen' for gents, then plenty on the course, but as you can imagine the early ones are more popular. Last year the bushes on the left just after the red start were hugely popular. As was the barricading leading up to the start line which was just plain disgusting....
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    F and Blackheath start.  Happy with a bush if desperate....
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    Good questions!

    F and Red start.

    Quite frigthened of using the loos on route.  Not only in terms of how clean they may be, but how to squat/hover with muscles that no longer work. I foresee issues......

  • there are loads and loads of loos at Blackheath - and some female urinal things as well. There will be queues but get there early and join the queue, when you have been, join the queue again.

    There are plenty of loos on route, but depending on your pace, there may well be queues at them.

    There are some bushes on route, but not many.
  • I used one on route .. round about Docklands  would think .. didnt have to queue and I have to say the ones at the start were fine too
    Dont rely on getting in to one of the early ones tho would all I would say
  • Maybe there is some some of thing you can do to make you not have to go at all. Just ran my 9th marathon and never had to go once on route. Or any other race come to that.
  • Now what exactly is female urinal?
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    Thanks. Probably won't need one for the first few miles but knowing me definitely will a bit later on...

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    Female urinals? I got a leaflet about it when I picked up my pack at the Excel yseterday.  Never used one before.....

  • I just ran into a pub and used theirs. Nobody seems to mind on marathon day.

    Have a great run.

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    Good idea! Thanks limper
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    Type Runnersh... into Google. Do not ever do this.
  • Yes - wot limper says - pubs on way just love runners coming in to use the facilities - at one place they even cleared out the men's loos for me as there was such a queue at the ladiesimage.
  • i have got my shee wee, so if needs be i will use that but yeah i do worry about where the toilets will be too, it says they are every couple of miles, at least i can pee standing up with my shee wee lol
  • Ask Paula!
  • I thought I'd need to go, but didn't stop for the loo in either of my marathons (5 hours and 4:40). I could have gone during both, but didn't have to. I did look at the queue (which actually wasn't very long) when I  did London, but I reasoned if I stopped I might not get going again!
  • There were female urinals at the blue start last year.  I started a thread on it cos i saw a bloke peeping through the gaps round the back.

  • Only 9 Marathons Sussex NLR ? I thought you were good ?

    I once had a wee in some bushes and a rhinoceros turned up !

  • Now now Monty, don't diss my pal. She's 4real.


    PS. Just remember to keep your little winkie out of view.
  • Sussex NLR is a girl ? That puts a whole new perspective on things.

    Ps....Hung like a squirrel and proud of it.
  • It was quite amusing seeing all the runners dashing into the bushes section on the left a couple of minutes after the start.
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