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Hi this Sunday is going to be my first marathon and I would appreciate advice from experienced runners and am a tad worried about torrential rain. I have trained in both leggings and shorts in snow and heat but have somehow managed to avoid torrential rain (apart from one miserable occasion resulting in me stopping) and am not sure which will cause less friction.

I also got my name printed on my vest ( rather optimistically) as I have a tendency to get cold. I don't have any long-sleeved tee-shirts so cannot wear anything under vest, but tend wear a light long sleeved fitted jacket/ top which I wear over the top which is pretty good in coldish conditions but also breathable. My problem with wearing it is that I don't have my name on it so won't get support sometimes it does become a bit of a nuisance and I am also unsure if when it is wet it will get cold and really uncomfortable.

I was wondering if I started with jacket on and then took it of later. The only problem is then how do I change my race number from outer to inner layer. Thanks for the advice




  • I dont think you will get tooo cold this weekend, poss a bit on the damp side but personally I wouldnt be wearing or carrying a jacket

    A technical shirt under the vest would help?

    Just a vest? i'm with you on that one in as it wouldnt be enough for me ... arm warmers would be a help

    You may have a left it a little late to be looking at clothing options but I am sure you could find something tomorrow some where in the long skeeved department !!

  • Arm warmers?
  • You will get very warm throughout the race, even if it was teaming down. I find it is better to have less clothes on in the rain as clothes sticking to you is pretty grim. I would just go with shorts and vest (and maybe arm warmers...?!).
  • Take a bin bag to keep yourself dry before you set off.

    When I've made a last minute decision to wear a jacket I have just put it over my number. You may need to show it to get into your pen etc but loads of people will be covered up at that point in some way other. So long as I opened my jacket at the end to make number visible (especially if race not chip timed) I have never had a problem, though I haven't done London. However, as you will be able to show you have a number if challenged you should be ok?

    Most likely you'll warm up and want to dump the jacket so I think you keep your options open by putting your number underneath on your vest. If you have supporters you can throw the jacket it to them, or just hope you are not too emotionally attached to it and dump it.

    Good luck!
  • HO2 wrote (see)
    Arm warmers?
    Long sleeves worn over the arms that keep them warm   image
  • Or a number belt would be less tricky than undoing and refastening safety pins like here.  May even get them for sale at the expo?

  • Have to agree less is best if it rains.
    According to BBC forecast this morning it seems it is at least going to be dry at the start, which is a result and rain not due to start until about midday. We will see how correct they are tomorrow.....
    An old jumper or longsleeve t-shirt that you can ditch once you have warmed up is a good idea or the good old bin bag which is also handy for sitting on while your hanging around Greenwich Park or Blackheath tomorrow before the start. The ground will be well damp after all the rain we have had in London of late.
    I did notice they had number belts at the expo if that helps.
    Last thing if its your first time make sure you enjoy it.
    Last, last thing good luck to everybody tomorrow!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    I just looked at the met office (best website if you ask me!) no rain until 4pm it says.

    I'm going in my t-shirt and bottoms - going to risk getting cold later, but i usually get hot when running.

    good luck!

  • Dress for 10 degrees hotter than it is. Just wear vest and shorts. Anything more and you will overheat. No leggings, no long sleeves, no arm warmers.
  • Thanks for all your advice. I learnt a new thing arm warmers!- they sound like a good idea although my arms are not terribly big and not sure whether they would stay up. I think I am going to risk my vest and shorts and bring an old jumper and bin bag. If I get cold I will just remind myself of all the years as a child I insisted swimming in the sea even if it was snowing and not seeming to notice although there are a fair few photos of me looking more than a bit blue around the edges. If I keep my pace up hopefully I shou
    ld not get too cold.

    Good luck everyone I am getting v excited/ nervous. See you there
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