Time do luggage trucks close at London Marathon & what time to be in my pen for?

What time Sunday morning please do the luggage trucks close and also what time in the red start do i have to be in my pen for? Im hoping for a sub 4 hour time so dont wanna get penned in and stuck loo.

What time you all aiming to get to the  assembly area to begin getting ready etc.



  • Read your race notes - it tells you when to get to the start.

    Once there, there is a nice man with a microphone who tells you what to do in great detail eg.'10 mins to get to the toilets folks'. 'Get those bags to the trucks guys before popping over to the assembly areas'..... ' Get to the pens NOW please people'.... etc etc

    (unless it's changed drastically in the last few years - microphone man was very very good and made me smile whilst being very nervous)
  • You can go sub 4 from any pen - so just don't stress too much.
  • The organisers really do do it all for you, they know most people are nervous and unfamiliar with London so thy make it all very easy.

    When I ran in 2007 there was a problem on one of the train lines and a whole trainload of people turned up late. As I understand it from one of them, the baggage trucks had already left but the organisers knew about the delay (they're probably in touch with Transport For London all the time on race day)   and had a contingency plan to have the bags picked up later.

    Basically -whatever could go wrong those guys have though of it frst - good luck for tomorrow image 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Leave your last piss till the last minute, run like a loon to the start pen with five minutes to go then jump up and down on the spot till they corale you forward for the gun.  Worked for me.


  • Good luck Mark!!! Don't panic, the PA system is fab and you'll be guided through the process. Just relax and enjoy the experience.
  • Screamapillar...i was one of those in 2007 ! Hundreds of us pegging it to the start, slapping on the vaseline, throwing off bin bags, panicking about the baggage van !

    Once we got going all was fine image

    Organisation is always top notch.
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