What possessed you?

Doing my first tri in July, and have my sights set on IM in 2014. One thing I've already realised is that it's addictive. I've read Ironholgs book and was just wondering what got the rest of you into tri, and what took you all the way to IM?


  • Hi I am a 50plus absolute beginner but already addicted. I like the variety and the challenge of each form of training with swimming being the strongest and running my weakest but on a learning curve at the moment. Good luck with your triathlon.
  • See you're still claiming 2014 Nurse... It's 2013 remember?

    For me a tri was always something I wanted to do but I couldn't run... Having got over the running fear, and therefore ran out of excuses
  • Because it's there image
  • Oh gastank, gastank, gastank - you just don't give up do you? Desirable quality for an ironman.

    A friend persuaded me to do a charity quadrathlon last year, and I agreed since it seemed like a great way to mark my 40th year - 4 disciplines for 4 decades. Then a couple of people pointed out that the time was in ironman territory. Then the same friend said she'd always wanted to do an IM before she was 40. Once the seed's been planted..................................
  • Well I'm 40 nxt yr, so here's hoping I can do it... Couple of smaller ones this yr
  • Just a pup - you'll sail through it. What are you doing this year, and which IM are you looking at?
  • My missus, (shuffle) entered the London Tri as she was looking for things to challenge her

    I went along for the ride and was blown away by it, (bobbing around a dock at 6:30 in rubber anyone?)  but found the challenge (reletively)  easy.... so go quicker or go longer..??

    I went longer doing the Cowman and the Vit.  I found the pirates at this point and they dared make me think I could do an IM... Bastards....  I would never have had the nerve without them. 

    Now I am addicted image

  • Yes, it seems these pirates are a dangerous bunch. But I still want to be one.

    Are these messages laced with crack? A year ago, if someone had said I'd be training for a triathlon and contemplating IM, I'd have told them they were aff their heid. The more I chat, the more I think I'll be able to finish an IM.
  • Hi, athlete in the making. I'm really liking the mix of disciplines too. Starting as a runner, I find I'm enjoying my running much, much more sine I started mixing in the swimming and cycling.
  • i just do it for the free t-shirts image
  • Much like OC, started running, finished a half marathon (much to my surprise) and looked for something else. Saw a flyer for London tri, did a couple of sprints/Oly's, stepped up the Vit, met the Pirates, did IM Germany the following year (2006). Rest is history ...
  • i do it for the medals!!!
  • A mate suggested it would make a good stag weekend   image
  • Like the ink AndyB99. I've picked the place for mine to go, now all I have to do is finish the IM
  • Just to get away from the kids: joke.

    Mainly because I love the training.

  • It's slightly cheaper then a smack habit...also a joke

    I like shiny kit

  • i'm thinking of selling the kids to medical science to finance the kit and coaching....

     .... no seriously I am

     how much can you get for a kidney?

  • Bloody pirates!
  • I was big and fat and it seamed like a good idea at the time

    I blam trans world sports ... 

  • Lol, it's an addiction, not worth fighting it
  • WildWill.... wrote (see)

    I blam transvestite world sports ... 

    Really Will?
  • Nurse, I'm aiming for IMW in 2013, my first. I think there are two types of people -- those like a mate of mine who's run 5 miles twice a week for 25 years and hates it. And those like me (and everyone else on this board) who starts getting fit, enjoys it, becomes a little bit obsessed, then looks for greater and greater challenges. And what great challenge than IM?
  • Nice 2008, Swiss Bobby and Petal talked me into it!
  • "And what greater challenge than IM?"

    where do you want to start??

    perhaps DecaIM??? that's 10 IM back to back - two formats - continual as in swim 38km, bike 1800km, run 422km or 10 individual events over 10 days - fastest total time wins.

    and then you can step up to Double-Deca.....

    or this year for the 1st time a 30....http://www.decaironman.com/

  • LS - no you talked yourself into it - it just needed those 2 to push the button to ON. image
  • for me - I did my 1st marathon and the same year, Petal (my missus) decided to do the London Tri (sprint). I never thought my swimming was good enough but watching her race I thought that perhaps I wasn't as bad as I thought so promptly entered a local sea swim one a few weeks later. no wetsuit, no tri kit, crap old bike - but loved it.

    that was 2003 - I guess we're veterans these days...
  • I decided that after doing a few marathons that it might be a good time to swap to triathlons and to vary the training that I was doing by adding swimming and cycling to the mix.

    Although I've never found any of them to be really easy, my swimming is ok, cycling leaves a lot to be desired, I've loved every one I've done.

  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    LS - no you talked yourself into it - it just needed those 2 to push the button to ON. image
    True! image
  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    A mate suggested it would make a good stag weekend   image
    what sort of mate would do that !!!
    Shocking image
  • Mine was a drunken new years resolution to lose some weight (of which i had a lot , hmm actually still have ) , leading to registering for a short Tri as a "nice goal to aim for" , I then read ironholgs book as part of that tri preparation and fell in love with the idea of finishing an IM , so , the new years to June aim of completing first tri was replaced with a new years to september aim of completing a first  IM image    (which subsequently then became a bit of "i dont care what you think i WILL do this" piece of bloody mindedness to prove a few people that mocked the idea wrong... job done )

    its addictive ...

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