What possessed you?



  • I shall now do a rain dance just for you, gastank

  • RafikiD wrote (see)

    Gastank - you do understand the term 'tapper' - now stop exercising and get back to what you're good at - upsetting M...eldy and Schumnks

    image One day Meldy is going to catch up with you you know and if your very unlucky she will use the handcuff's. imageimageimage

  • ok ok no more exercise, admittedly it hasn't been a very successful taper week image

    .... and it has been a taper week, my training volume so far this week has been really low when compared to previous weeks AND I haven't a double workout day since last wednesday (or was it Thursday?!?)

    anyway i'm done, had a sports leg massage today and begin my travel north tomorrow image

    nurse rain dance would be good!

  • ... just thinking M..ouldy doesn't stop by this thread, so I reckon Raf and I are safe image

  • M..eldy has eyes and ears everywhere mate, she is a witch afterall!! And she now knows my cycle route home ..... I could be in big trouble!! image

  • image She is all knowing mate.image

  • She's a women...they all are!! image

  • I agree, you're right

    All women are "know-it-alls"
  • image You are in so much trouble when they see this. imageimageimage

  • Cake wrote (see)

    image You are in so much trouble when they see this. imageimageimage

    You don't have to wait until they see this.... they already know image

  • Oh you boys.

    Pray, and pray hard, that you are never on the receiving end of my professional ministrations.

    Prune juice, and bedpans kept in the freezer.

  • 70 miles today on the IMKY course in 35C heat. I seem to have hit a cycling breakthrough. On the same course I used to average about 15 mph. Today was 17.6. And my wife today said I was getting too skinny!
  • IY - great stuff mate, thing of dreams for me at the moment, really need to spend more time on the bike
  • Well done IY.

    Well done everyone on the weeks achievements, sounds like we have all had a good one.
  • Update from the skinny comment.  I'm now .5 pounds under my IM weight from last August and it's only May.  I wonder where this will lead....

  • Built like a racing snake

  • Well done IY.
  • IY it will lead to quicker times and greater efficiency no doubt, I'd love to have the racing snake look... I might get it, anacondas are snakes too? Arent they?
  • Th hits keep on coming! I bought some slightly small pants around Christmas. Or should I say trousers? Anyway, they now fit. That makes at least 4 inches/10 cm off my waist.

    On a side note, it appears Lewis has fallen off the face of the earth so maybe I'll have to come over and do a race with the crazies in this thread.
  • Always welcome IY

    And I guess Budgiesmuggler will be moaning baout doing exams or something at this time of year...honestly, kids these days!

  • He's long done with school for the summer. Maybe he's just in mourning over the apparent Norwich manager's departure.
  • Get over here.


    You know you want to...........................................

  • ... You'll love Bolton in the English summer, fresh cut grass, strawberries, white picket fences, rolling fields of green, rushing streams and an IM medal with your name on it in 2013....

  • 2013? I'm not rich haha

    I believe my training partners are dragging me into IMKY again next year.

    In Boston for a conference and just did a loop including Harvard and MIT. I could run here every day! 8.63 miles.

    Is anyone doing the Runner's World run streak? Perhaps it's only a US thing.
  • what is the runners world streak IY?

  • Run at least 1 mile a day every day from our Memorial Day until the day we threw your chains off our country! Hahaha that's 4th of July.
  • Major disappointment.


    No nudity image

  • IY, a few in my office mourning about Lambert. I'd rather he travelled if moneys all he cares about. Grant Holt will be next.

    Always been the same for Norwich. As soon as we start doing well, along come the big club vultures.
  • Better not SD. I love my 9 Holt Norwich shirt.
  • Hope so too, but once they start making noises about wanting to leave it normally happens, despite the clubs best efforts to keep them. Norwich cant afford to pay silly money.

    Didnt realise you were a Norwich fan.
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