What possessed you?



  • Ah  I ran of with a younger woman, bought a sports car and got my first tattoo aged 43... Suppose tri was only a matter of time
  • and Dave bought a caravan when he was 40 - he reckons he's got rid of it but nobody believes him.... image
  • Good work Dave

    Tattoos started early on in my life, in the days when you could fall out a pub into a tattoo parlour & not realise you'd had it done till you woke up the next day.

    Did the caravan thing in my late 30's, just a cheapy, leaked like a sieve. I was quite large so bumped into everything in it. Got rid quite sharpish.

  • anyhoo - you lot are mere youngsters.....

    so Plum says...

  • Yes, SD, my training buddy for 2014. You folded easily didn't you?!! I'll be 43 in 2014, got my first tat at 38, and it's still a work in progress. Also got a speedier car, and was accused of having a mid-life crisis. Crisis, schmisis, I'm having a ball. Tri seemed like the next mad idea to add to the list.
  • NR, sorry, too much pirate pressure. 'Come join us, come join us, come join us over here'
  • For all those discussing mid-life crisis, have  a look ....



  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-10965608

    Tee-hee! Suppose that makes me a middle-aged mummy in lycra
  • I cant laugh - I have the convertible sports car, three bikes and probably too much lycra - although did manage to lose the younger women along the way image

    I wonder if the two are related, and if so, which is the causal factor image

  • Brilliant  

    I am a MAMIL

  • Just the wrong women, RD
  • In fact I know this already and in fact my blog which is registered to me but I haven't started writing yet is called.......
  • C'mon, tell, don't keep us in suspenders
  • Hopefully next year i'll be an IronMamil

  • My 12 (now 13) said to me one morning when I was leaving for a long run (with much giggling) you're MAMIL to which I responded "all humans are mammals" (thinking they'd obviously be discussing it at school) to which I was then told "Noooo, a MAMIL, a Middle Aged Man In Lycra..."

    After feeling slightly hurt that my worst fear had happened (no not that my Lycra fetish had been discovered) but that my children thought I was middle aged!!! But I figured Lycra was better than something beige from Marks & Spencer, and now I'm proud to be MAMIL
  • Surely an IronSausage?
  • Could be.

    My daughter & her mates, who are also 12 told her they thought i looked like Dara O'Briain.

    Would rather been called a mamil image
  • LMFAO !!!!

    Yep like I said proud to be a MAMIL
  • Ooooooh, there's a club forming here.......................................
  • Grrrrrrrrrrr. First day of my training programme for the tri in July and I have a stinking head cold. I think a large whisky is called for.
    Maybe I could sweat it out on the turbo. Don't suppose I can get done for being drunk in charge of a bicycle indoors.
  • Should have chosen the same training schedule as me - starts with a rest day! My kind of training!! image
  • Hmmm, that sounds like a plan.
  • Should have chosen the same training schedule as me - starts with a rest day! My kind of training!! image
    Great minds must think alike, my training started yesterday.... rest.
  • My IM story..

    I have done a few half marathons and London marathon a few years back. I enjoy running because it takes my mind off other things going on, and this year so far has not been great.

    I had a season off racing last year, having been back to university as a "mature" student, so didn't have the time (coundn't be arsed, and uni was a good excuse to be lazy) to enter any events or train, after doing Cardiff half in 2011 30 mins slower than my PB I thought that I was a little out of shape and needed something to motivate me. In Feb I made a bet with my mate in the pub (it was a good idea at the time) about who could do Llanelli half marathon quickest, the race went really well, I won the bet and only having done 4 weeks training set a PB for that course. So I thought need a new challenge, IM was the logical next step.

    Not sure who's logic I am following tho...image

  • Do you guys prefer to run with or without music?

    If 'with' - favourite running toonz?
  • Used to be with music, but have now changed to without, its a bit to dangerous running around the country roads where I live if you can't hear the cars coming.
    Didn't really have a favourite for running just used to put my ipod on shuffle.
  • BrokeButTri'ng wrote (see)
    Should have chosen the same training schedule as me - starts with a rest day! My kind of training!! image
    Great minds must think alike, my training started yesterday.... rest.

    And idiots seldom differ image

    I run and cycle with music - I got tired of all the cars beping at me so now I just drown it out!! image

  • I find I have to be careful what I listen to, because I start to run to the beat of the tune. A bit of Maiden can make it very hard work!
  • Ahh, but 'Hallowed be thy name' or '2 minutes to midnight' at mile 16 when you need your second wind beats any energy gel image 
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