What possessed you?



  • RafikiD wrote (see)
    Ahh, but 'Hallowed be thy name' or '2 minutes to midnight' at mile 16 when you need your second wind beats any energy gel image 

    Up the Irons! image

  • Usually Run To The Hills that has my wee legs going like the clappers!

    I just imagine I'm chasing Bruce, and he's NOT escaping my clutches.
  • I blame FB for talking me into IM....simples...he's a very persuasive bloke....even if you can't swim.....
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    you were a bloody pushover

  • Hehehehe....weeeeell...I was partly there I guess....the swimming was the thing for me and you said that was the easy bit!!!

    The swimming still is the thing but at least I managed it on the day...so you going to Outlaw then?
  • The layout of the threads has just changed on my screen (mac), and it now seems to allow me to  quote and add smileys.  So i felt I should image

  • image

  • Nope no smiley no quote no hope
  • is it just me or is this website slower than my running these days?!!?

  • imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage ah sod this, it's boring...

  • Quite agree, enough of the nonsense.  Tri chat only from now on.  Nurse's orders.

  • Ooh, ooh, ooh, spank me nursie!!! I'll talk Zipp wheels and Selle sadles to you, not to mention T800 carbon fibre and slimy gels...

  • There are lots of other websites you can visit for that sort of thing image.

    But on the subject of bikes - how many of you have a tri-specific bike, and at what point did you upgrade from a standard road bike?  Haven't even done my first tri yet, but I do luuuurve shiny stuff, so just looking to the future!

  • I bought a TT bike in Feb - doing my first tri in 2 weeks!! But in Feb, managed to get last year's bike with a third off, then used Bike2Work scheme and got another third off....couldn't go wrong really! And Iloves it!! My 29.6 mile ride to work on the road bike takes 1hr 34 on my road bike - got it down to 1hr 23 on the TT!! That could be worth 30mins over an Iron Man course image

  • Which bike did you get?

  • Its a Fuji Aloha - its basically their entry level bike. After trying several and having two fitted for me by the very patient and knowledgable spotted kid in the shop, it was the one that worked best for me, within my price range.

  • i'd like a tri bike.... but i'm going to learn to ride my road bike first!

    Maybe next year image

  • Me too.  But a gal can dream

  • Super-blobby Sunday for me before the training plan starts in earnest tomorrow.  Still coughing, but I've deliberately done no exercise at all this week, so hopefully that's been enough rest to get me back on track.  

    The weather here is beautiful today, so I'm hoping that continues for getting out on the bike.

  • Hope the training gets off to a good start. My training plan started last week, first time I have ever used a plan and not winged it.

    Its a lovely day here too, first time all week I can go out without wearing a waterproof, happy days image

  • And how are you finding the plan?  Which one are you using?

    Like your wee swirly picture

  • The plan is going well, its good to have everything planned for the week ahead so when it comes to the day I don't have to think about where to run and how far to go.

    I am following the Finks competitive plan but at the moment without the swimming, the only trouble I have is that I find it hard to run slower than I would normally would to keep my HR in the right zone.

    It was either this swirly symbol or the triquetra, and the triquetra was taken image

  • I'm liking the sound of running slower!

  • I've just entered the Great Scottish Swim, 2 miles image

  • Mad women!!!

    I'm coming up next weekend for the Etape Caledonia - can you turn the heating up before I get there please image

  • Oooh, you lucky thing, I fancied that but found out about it too late.  

    Turn the heating up? What are you on about? It was a tropical 4ºC when I went out to work yesterday afternoon.  Bikini weather.  Dinnae be a big jessie image.

  • RD, am looking out of the window and thinking that an outboard motor on your bike might be a good plan for this weekend.

  • Do you think its worthwhile trying to fit cleats to my wellies then??

  • Wellies?  I'd go with flippers.

  • At least it's not snowing

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