What possessed you?



  • its ok - skin's waterproof!! (I won't be that positive after 80 miles in the pissing rain I can tell you!! This is why I'm doing Lanza next year)

  • At least the route is nice and flat image

    Ever tried cycling in a wetsuit & snorkel?  I'd give it some serious thought.

  • yes - there's only 2000m of climbs!!

    Oohh cycling in a wetsuit - imagine the chaffing!! image

  • Plenty of lard here in The Holy Land to stop the chaffing.

  • 2550m of climbing, it'll be the 550m that will f*ck you up image

  • Ah thanks for more gentle words of encouragement there Holgs! image

  • So when's your tri Raf? Is it still on after you've finished swimming 80miles in Scotland - you'd better pack your rubber duck!
  • I've puimped my tyres up really really really high - so hopefully the bike will float!! Supersprint is next Sat, followed by Thames swim the next morning!

    Hows the calf - ready for Edinburgh?

  • You're busy! Good on you.  Do you want some antibiotics before you get in the Thames?

  • Oh I'm sure I've drunk worse than good ole Thames water image

  • Calf oki dki, little tight but managed a run off the bike yesterday, and doesn't impact during swimming, seeing physio again on Monday but training anyway, just avoiding long run sessions
  • Always happy to inspire RafikiD

    Good luck for the tri and the Thames swim.

  • Raf good luck with your 2550m, 80 mile near vertical swim image
  • Finally got wrote some stuff for my iamamamil blog - real progress this week
  • Nice blog Mr Tank. I love the different ways you can view it image

  • I see you've done the Mighty Deerstalker, gastank.  How stinky was your kit afterwards? I did it last year, and came to the conclusion that it maybe wasn't the best choice for someone who's scared of the dark and heights. 



  • Raf, all the best for the etape.

  • That's the first time I have ever seen that asked, "How stinky was your kit afterwards?" Memories of Kim Cattral in the boys changing room in Porkys.... Oooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!image

  • Yep it was pretty bad, but it got a couple of cycles of its own and my Salomon's lived in buckets of water and were "purged" daily

    Thanks for reading image I might put done stuff on fink this week image
  • My gear got laid out on the lawn and hosed off before it got anywhere near the washing machine image

    The blog is good. Go on, shame me into working harder.

    Swam 60 lengths this morning.

    Then had a big, sticky Danish pastry.  It's all about balance.

  • image Balance? You should have had one pastry in each hand the balance it out surely?

  • I shall remember that very sound advice for next time

  • I'm with cake.... That's much better balance!

    Doubt you could be shamed into anything nurse, not like you crack under pressure or anything?!?
  • Who?


    No idea what you're talking about.


  • Raf, how did you do it?  You must head north more often.  

    Clear, bright blue sky and sunshine this morning.

  • image Bloody lawnmower just went on fire.  Now I'll never find that lost pygmy tribe.

  • Nurse.... 45 min Open Water training and 56 min 10k run image
  • Good stuff, gas. I am inspired and motivated. (And can't let you get the better of me now).

    10k run on for tomorrow morning, with partner in crime.  She's also going to take me for a sea swim sometime this week (hopefully).

  • Nice work gas.

    First proper bike ride on the main road today, 28 miles and my first roundabout ever on a bike image.. scary stuff. 

    Also had a bee hit my forehead and drop down between my eye and sunglasses, that was a bit unnerving causing me to vig vag a bit over the road.

    Otherwise it was a good ride and wish I'd started riding on the main road a long time ago image

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