What possessed you?



  • Mine is black with white side panels.  It must be last year's (or maybe even 2010) model to get it at that price.  Good old Start Fitness image.

    Are you doing Edinburgh?

  • I usually taper for at least a week before doing an event. Just some light work in the week before. Especially if your feeling tried, by doing an extra week training will not improve your time, and the extra rest will probably make it more enjoyable.

    My legs thank me for it during and after the race image 

  • NR - yep i'd doing Edinburgh, although I think it may be more like Edinburgh doing me!! Looked for you in Start Fitness pics, they were all head and bodiless

    Race Number 8848 image I expect to see a 6'3" 20 Stone Red haired scot in a tri suit standing on sidelines supporting!

    Think i'll finish the week's training and then look to see what the original marafun plan suggested in taper week... BBT sounds pretty sensible, damn body clock is problem presently, it seems to have become used to waking at 5ish. I have beat the alarm every day this week




  • Photoshopped myself out image


    You'll have to conserve your energy to cope with the post-race meal of deep-fried, battered pizza with deep-fried, battered Mars bar for dessert.  Takes some eating.

  • i've heard of both the pizza crunch and mars... looking fwd to them

    checked inbox, still empty image

    race number pack AWOL, apparently Royal Mail to blame, there was an "unexpected delay" caused by the bank holiday?!?


  • image Interested whose told you that? was it royal mail or the organisers? Asking because work for royalmail and we sometimes get the blame for things that are nothing to do with us. Chances are they have sent it cheap business post and are passing the buck.

    Oh and for edinburgh try the deep fried birdeye ribs. image Best eaten after a few pints.

  • <div style="float: left; text-align: left; width: 520px;"> <h1>Race Number for your big day</h1>

    We don't want you to stress or worry before race day so we thought we'd email you directly to let you know that we have been in contact with Royal Mail to get exact timescales for delivery of our 27,795 race numbers and they will be with you by Monday 21st May. Your race instructions are ready to download from your My Details account now so that you can read all the event info over the weekend over a nice cup of tea! <img style="float: right; margin: 5px 10px;" title="Race Number" src="https://www.api.gsi-events.com/images/EMF_Newsletter_Images/em_race_number_2012.gif" alt="Race Number" width="120" height="119" />

    Royal Mail have told us that they are experiencing minor delays due to the May bank holiday weekend, so although they are all packed and on their way to you, they (and we!) don't want you to worry if it's not sitting on your door step on Friday. We have reassurance that everyone will have them by Monday 21st May, and if you don't then please let us know through your My Details account. For those who entered after the 19th April they will arrive a couple of days later and will be with you by Wednesday 23rd May.

    So please do not worry, they are on their way and you will have them in plenty of time for EMF weekend.

    We look forward to seeing you all on the the start line!

  • Cheers time to investigate. image

    *imperial death march begins in background.*

  • that looks like we couldn't organise a race if our lives depended on it Edinburgh Marathon team passing the buck to me, more like EMF didn't take into account the bank hol, got everything to RMG late and now panicing cos' they told the entrants the packs would be with us on 14th may! funny how that reads like they have emailed us.... yes.... errrr, no it's on their webpage, but not emailed. I went to the webpage today to find out how to register my race number as officially AWOL

    gods truth, nevermind me not be in shape to run a marafun, i suspect the EMF are equally in poor shape to run a marafun!

  • Swim in tri suit was a success.  Very comfy indeed.  And the pad made the wooden seats in the sauna feel a wee bit less hard image.

  • well that's very good news, i've done all three in mine, but admittedly i'm not brave enough to hang out in steamy rooms wearing itimage


  • Ah, but are you tempted?

  • Just a note...

    This forum and Lewis the Budgie Smuggler are slowly making me add Brtitsh slang to my everyday speech. My wife thinks I'm a nutter! Haha
  • I could teach you some Scots, to really confuse her!

  • LoL - IY which words are becoming common place?

    Nurse - yes but not this year, too soon, RTM a definite appeal
  • Let's see...

    Boffin, posh, wanker, tosser, nutter and constantly arguing with Lewis about his hatred of the letter Z (zeeeeee) and how much he loves the letter u in so many words.
  • Gastank, just had a look at the 'flythrough' of the Wasdale tri.  My wee legs are burning just from watching it image.  Hardcore.

  • IY you'll have to learn some of the sayings now that we use like

    <span style="font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; text-align: left;">"It's a five minute walk if you run"

    <span style="font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; text-align: left;">"I'm over by here"

    <span style="font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; text-align: left;">"I'll be there now in a minute"

  • Only troglodites speak like that!image

  • OW swim only today, bit bullet and having roof bike carrier fitted to the car
  • 60 mile ride today on part of the IMKY course.  I can feel my fitness improving almost daily.  Awesome!  It was my mate's longest ride ever.  Forgot about that word hahaha

  • I'm thinking of taking Adriana out for her first spin image I'm very nervous since pedals and me are still very much a worry but got to try!
  • Adriana? Cycle or wife? (You'll notice I avoided 'bike or wife' image)

  • Shiny

    Where does the name come from?

    Haven't named my bike, but he's definitely a he

  • Adriana Lima... Also a thing of beautyimage
  • I'm sure the prospect of 8 hours on her will have you desperate to do IM

  • Well I really enjoyed it, woke up late so didn't have time for more - what a difference riding a race bike


    Duration 1:26:12 - Calories Burned 857- Average Pace 4:34 / mi - Average Speed 13.13 mph - Elevation Climb 913 ft



  • Good stuff.  Numb bum?  How did you find the climbs?

    What's replacing those 857 calories?

    Am planning a confidence re-building ride on Tuesday. Forecast says it should be sunny and dry with very little wind - keep everything crossed!

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