Which Marathon?

Having entered GNR and GSR (2011) and Bath Half and Milton Keynes Marathon (first marathon) this year, I sustained an injury and had to pull out of all four events.

These four events cost me nearly £150!

Now I'm recovered from the injury and have started training again after a 9 month break.  Have done a few 10ks without any problems, so I want to fulfil my dream of doing that marathon.

To give sufficient time for training, I'm looking to Spring next year, but I'm concerned about paying so far in advance again (as I did with Milton Keynes) and then something going wrong and losing yet more money.

Are there any sizeable marathon events (suitable for a first marathon) where you can enter on the day, or where the entries tend to stay open up to a couple of weeks before?

I was really disappointed to have to pull out of Milton Keynes (which is next weekend), as it seemed a nice route for a first marathon.  



  • I would contact the organisers to see if the event filled up in the previous year, or the information might be available when you click on the event through this site. That will give you an indication of if it filled up or not. Because of the training (commitment) involved, I wouldn't risk not booking the marathon. You could leave it until nearer the time before doing it though and you don't need to book smaller events until you're ready to do them.

    I know the Great North Run isn't something you can just turn up to. I think in most cases there will reach a point where you need to commit. Certainly with popular races you won't have a choice.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
  • When(ish) and what area?

    As per what Wilkie said but that is in 3 weeks time. With 9 months out I guess that you are looking at Autmn?

  • You can transfer Edinburgh Marathon places up to a month before the start.
  • Thanks folks.

    Where is Halstead?

    I'm in South Wales, but happy to travel.

    Looking for something Nov (12) through to Mar/April (13).

    Might try and find out how quickly Milton Keynes filled up this year and perhaps consider that one again next year.  Wil be interesting to read reviews after next weekend. 

  • Wilkie

    Just googled Halstead - thanks for this and will certainly bear it in mind.  Would never have known about it.

    Good to see from website that they advertised the number of entries "on the day" left (in 2011) and that you can also enter so close to this year's race date.

    Route looks good too.

    Thanks for the info. image

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭
    If you're in South Wales, the Great Welsh Marathon (in Llanelli) is run in April. I don't think you can book on the day, but I'm pretty sure there are spaces left with a month to go.

    Have a look at the following link


    You could maybe contact the organisers to see the closing date, as there's nothing on the web site (that I could see) but as the 2012 event was just last week-end, this info is likely to come later in the year.
  • I went to Sussex on 1st April this year - organisation was brilliant, I am pretty sure there were still entries available on the day (but you maybe had to phone up to let them know you were going). I was supposed to be doing the full marathon, but injury Dec/Jan meant it wasn't a realistic prospect and they swapped me to the half no problem. It was a tough course, but can really recommend it. It was a small event, but that meant you could park 5 minutes away from the start/finish, and hang around inside the race hq before the race started so you weren't outside getting cold for ages.
  • Do MK allow you to defer until next year?

    Would be worth contacting the organisers to find out image

    Good luck

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