London Marathon 2012 Betting

Lucy Kabuu is a great bet each way at 7/1 for the London Marathon tomorrow.  Don't sit through two hours, 17 minutes and 57 seconds of financial regret!


  • Great spot..... £1 each way invested!
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    <Does not compute>

    Sorry, the BBC didn't mention anything about a race in their news report about the London Marathon yesterday.

    (To be fair they did interview Scott Overall the day before, but if I wanted the main broadcaster to actually tell me the name of any single elite athlete racing tomorrow I'd still be waiting...)

  • Anyone got odds for me image
  • will 2hrs 18 be good enough to beat keitany?
  • MoraghanMoraghan ✭✭✭

    Possibly but not definitely, hence the each way wager.  Keitany is about 6/4, Kabuu is 7/1 and that is a huge difference in price which doesn't reflect their respective marathon results / potential.

    Keitany has performed in 1 out of 3 of her marathons whilst Kabuu did brilliantly in her only one.

  • Great story so here it is again

    He is pacesetting the other British Olympic hopefuls

    Though as soon as his job is done I suppose he could just carry on?

    Must be odd to be able to do that?

    Pace a marathon and know you could carry on and still finish faster than most people ever born?

    Finish a bit out of puff but nothing seriousimage

  • I guess it's a good paid training run.

    Just checked and Lucy Kabuu odds shortened to 5-1 on the site i use since your tip Moraghan....!
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