Hi guys,

I did post something similar on another forum but thought to maximise my chance of finding fellow runners from my neck of the woods, I'd post here too.

I have only recently started using strava, previously I used mapmytracks, and strava does everything the former did, yet adds a fantastic competitive aspect (I'm sure you know how it works) 

The only problem is, people have to add 'segments' and run them for me to try and beat etc and no-one from wakefield/barnsley area seems to have done so.

I am just writing this to see if anyone from this area fancies downloading this app and trying it out, it would certinaly spur me on!!!

Many Thanks,



  • I use it on the bike but not for running. Most of my running is at a steady pace so I'd not be bothering the rankings ! And if I did get competitive I'd be knackered after a week !
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    There is a chap on this forum called Barnsley Runner. He's a bit fast, though.
  • It's just a shame not many people use it, it's always good to see how I stack up (which is very, very poorly usually)
  • I use Starva and many colleagues do too but we're down in Luton!

    I have tried to look for runs on Strava while I'm away on business but not enough people are using it yet. It is building up though. Some are put off by having thier times, pace etc available for all to see but I think it's great. Four of us can do the same run at different times and compare details.

    The more we talk about it the more people will use it. I'm in my fifties so not fast but I don't mind sharing my times. Even the disastrous Milton Keynes 1/2 marathon (2hr 10Mins) time went on Strava!

  • Just discovered it as well.

    What a great idea. Ran a segment this morning got a second and I was unsure which way to go. Tomorrow I'm going for the cr!

    I'm a mid pack runner and it's given me a boost.
  • I use strava and I do most of my running in Dewsbury, Batley. Some of our club runs end up far too close to Wakefield as it means I will be hitting double figures on those runs.
  • I absolutely love strava, I always run at a constant steady pace and this has helped me pick up my pace a lot.

    Anyone in the Oldham area download it and give it a try! I love the competition on those segments I hate losing a CR. Quite good at the moment because there are only about 4 of us using it near me and we are all very close.

    Anthony thorpe
  • I took the cr on the lower hitch climb, come on Gareth get the cr back.

    I don't know him but I hope he rises to the challenge.

    Strava should email you if you lose the cr.
  • Hi Andrew, it does email you. You might need to check your settings to activate it. Ruins my day when I get one through haha!
  • Hi,

    I currently use mapmyrun but it doesn't see to be the most accurate - how does everyone find Strava?

  • I'm now using strava for running too and it's very accurate. Spot on for the races I've done.
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