London Marathon T Shirts

Morning all,

Hope you're enjoying watching the London marathon coverage (and if you've ran it and reading this afterwards, I hope it went to plan for you).

Since 1995 I've done 7 Londons, but my memory isn't great, and I couldn't remember which years. But I have kept the T Shirts, and all of them have a year on them, apart from one of them - it was the one with a big question mark, with the question on the front 'If you have to ask me why?' and on the back it said 'Then I know you've never run a marathon'. Does anyone know which year this was from?



  • I'm not quite that old! image
  • Before 2002 I reckon. Who is the sponsor ?
  • I've got that shirt too, but can't remember which year it was either,  I've done London 6 times, sorry.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    It was 1999, That was the first time Mrs P did the race and she got that shirt, and it actually says "never ran" which annoyed the pedant in me.
  • Brilliant - 1999 it was - I'd narrowed it down to either 98 or 99 through internet trawling...

    Probably the worst London t-shirt - definitely the worst I've got, for not having the year on and the grammar that Mr Puffy mentions!

    Thanks everyone for responding.

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