One death during today's London Marathon

30 year old female. RIP brave soul.


  • How very sad. I wonder what happened, whether she had any underlying health problems or if it was a sudden and unexpected incident. Her poor family and friends must be devastated.
  • My wife saw them trying to bring her back (oxygen / cpr). She said it hadn't looked hopeful. Very sad to see the confirmation. image
  • Her name has been released and her just giving page is still open and thousands of people have continued to donate in her memory. Its gone up from £500 to £20,000+.

    Very emotional reading comments from total strangers.

  • Very sad to hear of the death of the young woman in her second London Marathon. My prayers are for her and her family and friends.

    No doubt the the anti runners will have a field day, saying how dangerous running is. To put it into perspective, this was the 10th death, in the London Marathon since its inception in 1981. A very, very tiny percentage of the hundreds of thousands who have participated.

  • very sad. worst thing is reading all the happy good luck messages on her page and then seeing them turn into tributes.All of us should give a little something to her charity its the least we can do.Rest in Peace.
  • I am sure there will be a lot of discussion about this here on the forum, and i hope the comments stay respectful unlike some of the things that have been said from the tabloids forum. The Independent in particular, had some rather nasty comments online. Not worth repeating.

    Its sad that she died, and having not known her, or anything about her, all i can say is, just let her be, let her rest in peace. Whether she had done too much training, not enough training, ran with a dodgy heart, or whatever caused her death tragicaly, just let her rest in peace. Just maybe there might be people on here, who did know her, and would want conversation to be respectful. There will be anti-running league people like Terence said above, and people that think the race should be changed, but let them argue it out, since it wont amount to nothing. Nothing else is there to say.

  • This is indeed the most tragic of events to have happened. A young women running for a fantastic charity and she died doing something she obviously loved doing.

    My heart goes out to all her family and friends and if there is one piece of silver thread to come out of this for them it is that her chosen charity is getting the donations she was battling for.

  • I think it was just a case of her time was sadly up - she had taken part in many fund-raising activities and went up Kilimanjaro last year so must have been very fit. They don't allow you to start unless you've had a physical and been passed fit to tackle the mountain. Very tough on her family and friends but at least she died doing something she loved - running to raise money for a good cause.


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