Chaos in Horseguards VLM 2012

Was very disappointed with the meet and greet at the end of London yesterday. Not a marshall or police officer to be seen. The runners couldn't get out as the public were obstructing their exit and then, once out, there seemed to be no way out of Horseguards. We spent well over an hour in the museum sheltering. That's the last thing you want when you've run a marathon. Surely the logic of having a meet and greet that has buildings down two sides and the runners exit on the third, is severely flawed.


  • What time did you get there? When I arrived shortly after 2pm, I could easily find my group (at "U") after a steady walk and then another couple of minutes to get out of the area to Westminster. The A-N area did look rather more crowded though.
  • Having been through that area once, a few years ago, I now arrange to meet some distance away.

    I don't know what you think a few marshals or police officers would be able to do - except add to the huge numbers of people milling about!

  • It does say in the instructions that the finish area is chaos, but it's all part of the VLM "experience" sin't it.

    As Wilkie says arrange to meet friends away from there, even charities seem to be moving away from HG now and setting up after run parties else where.

  • I was in there at 3pm. Part of the problem just seemed to be a total lack of exits. The one to the left of the runner's exit got closed and people were being turned back. The arch behind L-M was blocked with people sheltering from the rain meaning no one could get out. In the end the museum sent some of the guards round to sort it.
  • Part and parcel of finishing in the busiest time of day in one of the biggest marathons in a really big city. Also the Buckingham Palace area does tend to have those awkward arch things and statues.
  • Its always chaos at the finish area no matter where they site the meet and greet. It was in St James park a couple of years ago and that was awful trying to get in and as well as out. With 35000 runners and perhaps 70,000 friends/families its never going to be any different.
  • I was at the finish for the 4th year and this year was particularly bad. Never had any problems getting out before. I think someone collapsed under the arch on the way out of HGP and we had to change direction not realising that way was closed so had to change direction again. Also our coach couldn't park in the usual spot so we had to walk miles to catch it...ouch my feet..

    I think the rain was probably the main problem as everyone decided to go as soon as the rain came. Normally peeps will hang around in the park on the grass as soon as the  heavens opened it was obvious no one was going to hang about.

    Just bad luck. Must admit I was whinging at the time but just one of those things.

  • It was fine just after 1pm - I guess if you hit the rush then it will be busier but the race info does warn you ?
  • Yes I put it down to the rain too. Normally people are happy to hang about for a bit but yeaterday everyone was heading straight for the stations becasue of the rain.

    I finished half an hour earlier than the last time I ran it so was there at about 3.45pm but that alone doesn't explain the chaos this year. I just think they need to enforce the one way system better so that people aren't allowed to exit back into the Mall.

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