Barcelona Marathon 2013

I'm trying to enter the Barcelona Marathon 2013, but the website seems to suggest that registration has closed. I find this hard to believe as it's still 11 months away so assume it hasn't actually opened yet.

Does anyone have experience of the Barcelona registration process and when entry is likely to open?




  • Have you tried contacting the organisers via the contact link on their website?

    They might be able to tell you.

  • Hi DM Powell I have emailed the race website as Wilkie advised. I am torn between Barcelona and Rome as both are 17th March and both look like lovely places to visit. The reply today was

    Registration are not open yet, still do not know when it will open. Regards.
    Hope thats of some help. Glad its still a possibility .
  • It looks like this is now open. I really would like to do this as my first road marathon next March. Would people recommend booking individually or through Running Crazy? I'd appreciate info from anyone who has been ,thanks.Also any recommendations for hotels suitable for a family tostay at would be appreciated.

  • Barcelona Marathon on St Patrick's day - Now that sounds like a party!!!!

  • Melbow, I have just booked my flights though easy jet and found a 3 bed room through hostelworld as always! Check reviews etc and do it yourself. A little more hassle but it's easy. I went before but couldn't run due to injury so I'm going back, hotel around Ramblas is as good a spot as any and very central to most things.
  • thanks muzza, after pricing it up we have booked with easy jet too so Im in ! aahh. first road marathon.we are staying in an appartment between Nou Camp and the start. I spent awhile reading reviews on Trip Advisor so hope its quiet enough the night before the race.  There doesnt seem to be the need for a letter from a GP like at Paris to race.. Im glad you are giving it another go.

  • Last time I went they cancelled the marathon as well, fortunately for my mate they did a new one in Catalonia, watching was hard! Great city so had to go back and take the Mrs. It's going to be my sons 1st marathon but he won't know until Xmas, hopefully going to pace him round so he can get a good for age for London 2014.

    Paris is the only marathon I have done that's asked for a note, I think Rome may have but I just signed it myself and sent it back to them, how do they know? image
  • Just realised that my profile picture is from when I was in Barcelona- still not signed up yet - waiting to see how Dublin goes next month - I did 54 miles lst week and the high mileage is starting to wear the legs out - I have clocked up 500 km since July 25th

  • just entered The Valentine 30k as a practice run for the big day. Has anyone else got other races booked in the run up to March? I'm looking forward to starting proper training and have enjoyed reading how people are getting on training for Chester/Loch Ness etc. Good Luck to them all.

  • I am thinking of runing Barcelona next year too . I have been looking at easy jet and flights not coming up bad at all , in fact seen £14.00 for the return journey.I like Muzza always book our flights , rooms etc ourself.It works out so much cheaper and is more flexible too with dates etc.

    I ran Rome Marathon this year which really did enjoy but along with the cobbles and heat struggled a bit towards the end. Saying that though I was happy with my time although not a P.B. gave me a GFA for London which I think am defering for next time. With Rome though we came back on the Monday so would like a while longer in Barcelona after the race. We had a good rapport on the Rome Marathon thread and ended up meeting up for a drink post race.

    I should too be running the Valentine 30K next year Melbow. I have run it before and enjoyed it and it is a good training run prior to the Marathon.

    I need to get myself fit now ! Just been Island Hopping round the Greek Islands and too much food and drink , plus not much running image



  • Crazy Lady, well done on your Rome time. GFA for London is impressive. Barcelona will be my first road marathon so just aiming to finish. Good to hear you have entered the valentine 30k too,I hope it is a good tester for the marathon. Others have recommended it so am looking forward to it. Sounds like a scenic course.

    We're having 3 nights in Barcelona. I would have liked longer but I know school will frown at the kids having 2 days off. never done it before but they will love the experience.Got to celebrate big "40" My son is hoping to fit a tour of the Nou Camp in and I fancy visiting La ramblas

    Glad you had good hol. let the traing begin......

  • I booked a hostel near the Ramblas, it's a fairly central place to stay and the start is pretty close even to walk...... I think! It will be my lads 1st marathon, he's 18 at Xmas so I think he's gonna be excited as he didn't get into London so fingers crossed I can pace him round for a GFA fir the following year. My Mrs is thinking about entering, she is waiting to see how her 1st in Dublin goes, plus she got into London on the ballot so maybe to much for her legs and my ears!image
  • Thanks Melbow image

    We went on a day trip to Barcelona from costa Brava years ago when the children were small. They loved the Nou camp well and one of our Son's was and is footlball mad.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the 30K, it is a good race .

    Hope your Mrs decides to do Barcelona Muzza image. I agree though it would be hard work. I am defering London as Daughter is due to have a baby around the date and with Barcelona being a Month earlier would work out so much better, There is always next year for London.






  • Crazy lady, I expect she will do it, she's not so worried about times she just enjoys running. She tends to get carried away with atmoshpgere and ends up acting like one of the crowd rather than running, shes mad! U should leave london deferral as you can defer it up to a few days before, you never know you maybe a granny earlier than you think! image
  • Accomodation booked - Booking Flights tomorrow - Training Schedule in my Outlook Calendar (My Asics) image

  • That's it - flights and accomodation booked - Barcelona Marathon on St Patrick's day and then to the George Payne Irish Bar to party the night away with some more plastic paddies like myself (Exiled Yorkshire Man Living in Meath)

  • well, everyone. I knew training for a spring marathon would mean some dire weather to train in ,but if this carries on I'll have webbed feet. Thur eve I could wring my clothes out. Today I was running into the wind and not actually getting any where. did 12 miles this morning (off road-with paths as rivers)in 2 hrs 45 mins!! how slow.

    Have you all started your training and doing well?Hope its all going to plan . lets hope for a mild winter.  Happy running 

  • Joined gym for 3 months for ???120 - did 18 km in 1:42 today as. A training run - happy dry days!
  • Just popping in to say hello. I ran Barcelona in 2010 and 2011.

    I have nothing but good things to say about the experiance. Really well organised event. Entertainment and good support all around the course. Sports drinks and water every 5km and also wet sponges every 5km (ideal for cooling down). You need to attend the expo on either Friday or Saturday to get your bib (they put your name on the bib automatically), chip and technical tee. The expo is right at the start/finish line, so you will know where that is prior to Sunday.

    Coincidentally the thread met up in the George Payne Irish pub afterwards.

    Any questions I can answer I will be more than happy to.

  • Jim ,that sounds like a good run. I am a member of a gym too as I like to swim a couple of times a week and only use the treadmill  once a week for speed. Although it is foul out , I still prefer to be outdoors. I will be glad of it  if it gets icy.

    Need to load the ipod tho,the gym plays local radio with news/travel and adverts. annoying.

  • Scooby Dudek , thanks for that. i am sure there will be questions as we get nearer to the day. Glad you had a good experience. Really looking forward to it.

  • I'm considering this race as my first marathon abroad but was surprised to read somewhere it only had just over 10,000 runners last year!  Scooby - because of this is it not as busy and as manic as some of the other main city marathons?



    It is growing year on year -  if the image does not paste you can see the entrant figures at (statistics)

    I did it in 2011 and you do not get lonely over the duration of the race


  • Sonic  In 2011 I  was in the 3:00-3:30 pen, aiming for 3:10. I was near the back of the pen. As you start, approx 300m in there is a left turn into a narrower street. I spent the first couple of miles running on pavemet (as opposed to road), I believe if I was nearer the front of the pen and/or had remembered the turn into the narrow road I would have been fine.

    I was aiming for 7:15mm pace, first mile was 7:29, second mile was 6:57, so I was able to run too quickly over the second mile.

  • Thing is if you loose a min or 2 over the 1st 2-3 miles don't panic, you got another 23-24m to make it up, better to catch up 5-10 secs a mile over the distance than gain 15-30 secs or more over 2-4m coz you will pay for it big time in the later stages. Be patient!!
  • Muzza wrote (see)
    Thing is if you loose a min or 2 over the 1st 2-3 miles don't panic, you got another 23-24m to make it up, better to catch up 5-10 secs a mile over the distance than gain 15-30 secs or more over 2-4m coz you will pay for it big time in the later stages. Be patient!!

    You are 100% correct. I ran much too quickly over the second mile. The point I was trying to make is the congestion can not have been bad if I could run that quickly over the second mile.

  • Thanks Jim and Scooby.  This is looking like a great choice for my race abroad and by the looks of it flights and accomodation aren't too excessive either.  Will def. have to look into it a bit more...

  • I'm planning on running Barcelona too.  My wife's from just outside the city, and her family still live there, so it's a perfect option for me. Other than getting up at 5am to get to the start line in time that is...

    Flights are booked, but haven't entered yet because the price hikes for later entry aren't as high as the chances of me injuring myself between now and then... Will enter in late Jan unless something goes horribly wrong.  Otherwise it's just a relaxing family holiday.

    Aiming for 3h10 (no prizes for guessing why that's my target), which seems achievable after a sub 90 half in St Albans in June.  Everything went perfectly that day though...

  • Zirion, Defiantly 100% doable! Double it and add 10 mins and you won't go far wrong. My lad wants the same result! image
  • Definitely looking forward to this one! Going to be my 2nd marathonimage did the Paris one in April, 2012. For those who have done the Barcelona one, are there any particular bad characteristics? Aiming to go sub-3:30,..finished the paris on in 3:47 with no training, and have a 1:28 half, so i reckon it's doableimage 

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