Barcelona Marathon 2013



  • Paid today - Price is up to  €70 - There is a little stretch that is out of the city where there are no crowds and it is open to the elements as you run along the coast road - no real hills I can remember - great support towrds the end - but running up the Ramblas at 25 mile is hard as it is a bit cobbly - there is a stretch on the diagonal where you are running against people in front of you running the other way - always demotivational when you are flagging -finish is fantasticimage

  • Sheffield you can totally do that time, power of the mind, but get some serious miles in!! Massively looking forward to this run, is it thought to be a 'quick' course? generally flat but open to the elements? Really looking forward to it!!

  • I am looking forward it it, it does seem a good race and thanks very much Jim for the info . I have just looked and seen no vet 50 Category. It does seem a long jump from 45 to 55 . I would just be interested in where I come in my age group as I am 52.

  • I'm 52 as well - 6th Marathon 3:58 in Dublin in October (30 mins off previous) so I am looking to knock a bit more off that (3:50)

  •  Well done on knocking 30 minutes off that is fab.

    My P.B is 3:42 a few years ago in Copenhagen. I would love to beat that. However my time in Rome was 3.53 last year and I really struggled towards the end with the heat . I also found the cobbles hard and ended up walking and running the last 6 miles. I hope to improve on this time and a P.B. would be fantastic but do not want to put myself under any pressure.

  • I'm also signed up for this.  It will be my 5th marathon - aiming to go under 3:25 (current PB 3:28).  I've heard it's a relatively quick course once you get past the first few miles...

  • It has a gradual uphill section for the first 2-5 miles, until you go past the Camp Nou, then it goes gradually downhill for the next few miles as you return towards the start. It is reasonably flat/undulating for the remaining miles. The last part after running down Rambles (welcome down hill section), going from Columbus statue up towards the finsh is uphill. It is not too steep but feels bad due to having 25 miles in the legs.



  • The above is the elevation profile from my Garmin. Not sure if that helps.

    It starts approx 30 metres above sea level and rises to 70 above by mile 2.
    Mile 22-23 you run up to the top of Rambles and then run back down to the bottom in miles 23-25, before running back up to the start.

    Basically never more than a 40 metre change in elevation over the course.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for info Scooby!

    Get the long runs in guys but massive miles don't always work! Quality is much more! 12-16x400 or 8-10x800 reps are awesome, hit um hard and start now, nothing we do will help us from last week in feb so next 6 weeks are crucial!
  • Muzza,

    I came off from injury and have only been doing around 30mile/wk easy pace runs for last 6 weeks. For next 6-7 weeks I like to include some speed sessions. Would you suggest shorter reps(400-800s), or 30-60min LT runs, or combinations? Realistically, I can only do a total of 5-7 of these, and am wondering which should I do. I'm only targeting 4hr (my most recent was 3:55 in Oct 2011).

  • I am still on the tradmill at the moment following a 3:50 MyASIC's plan today was a fast and csession which went quite well given I had a bottle of red and a bottle of wite yesterday - That's sub 1:53 1/2 Marathon

    Fast & Comfortable

    Lap 1 0:44:29 Dist 8.9km Pace 5:00 min/km   Lap 2 1:16:22 Dist 13.7km Pace 5:34 min/km
  • 4-800s are good for more speed, but if your prone to injury you could use a x trainer or try a spin session, 30-60 tempo run at approxhalf M pace the day before a long run is good as it builds strength. Core strength is also a massive help to us all!

    I have blobbed since Dublin, done Cornish marathon and my 1st double at Xmas enigma but no faster stuff, started this week and done 12x400 with 1min recovery. Got Gloucester mara in a few weeks the 4in4 at enigma, that may hurt! No long runsrequiredfor Barca for me it's covered! image just speed inbetween and hopefully stay injury free.

    Anyone got any races lined up as prep?
  • I really need to get some speedwork in. It is something I hardly do and I know if I did I would get better results..

    I have Brass Monkey Half next weekend at York.

  • Got my Shorts today for the St Patricks Day Barcelona Marathon

    Bit expensive at €35 (including postage)- had a bit of trouble when I orderered as they charged $35 postage by default but when I contacted them they posted them for $6

  • Scooby thanks for that info, the course sounds really good and not too daunting. I guess the weather will be what makes a big difference on the day. will pack for all weathers.sorry for silly questions but guess water will be in bottles?i use zero energy tabs and wondered if i could add to their water while running.or should i just get used to water alone? darent try energy drinks im not used to.

    Crazy lady have a good race next week, you did well to get in that one, i hear it books up in hours. are you still doing Valentine 30k? it will be a great indicator of how training is going. I have a steady 16m tomorrow  fingers crossed the forcast snow doesnt arrive. 

    Love the shorts Jim,what a way to celebrate St patricks day !image

    Hope everyones training is going well.

  • Did 17Miles in 2:30 today - Training program has me doing first bit fast and second bit slow

    8.9 Km @12Km 44.30

    18.7 Km @10.5 2:00:30

    Still on the treadmill - 3 Month Gym membership runs out 11/2 then it is back outside after that

    Breaking in new Nikes and I have a big heel blister now - I also wore the shorts and I am a bit chafed but I did not use Vaseline or anything - got to make sure they are OK for the big day. I am a Nine but I think I should have gone 9 1/2 with the Nikes image

    I have a Half on the 3rd of March to see if I can get close to 1:45 and then I am aiming for 3:45

  • Anyone knows if it's still possible to sell the entry for the Barcelona marathon or how to do it?

  • Thanks for the comment Muzza.

    17miles on treadmill, that's a major undertaking, Jim. Well done.

    18miles done for me, longest run in more than a year, but also the slowest, quite considerably.

  • Melbow I heard BM sold out in a few hours. I was at the computor when it went on saleimage. I am hoping to do Stamford but depends on transport so will see if can get a lift .

    Jim that is good going especially on a treadmill. I hope you can manage 1.45 for your half that is roughly my time. I did Worksop in 1.44 and it was a hard course. Me best is 1.40 and I managed a 3.42 Marathon. Rome I struggled though with the heat and the cobbles and did 3.53.

    Sheffield LB I am not sure about your place . Especially as they are still taking enteries  for the Marathon and it is not over subscribed. Have you got injured ?

    Maybe worth asking the organisers or even see if you can defer it till next year.

  • Very Quiet on here - Is it the cold weather? I did another 17 miler this weekend on the treadmill 8.9Km at 5Min/Km pace and the rest at 10.7Km/hr so a total time of 2hr 28 Min

    Followed that up today with 5 x 2 Km

    2 @ 11.5 Km/hr

    2@ 12 Km/hr

    2@ 12, 5Km/hr

    2@ 13 Km/hr

    2@ 13,5 Km/hr

    Peak mileage has been 35 Mile - I was over 50 mpw regularly for the Dublin Marathon but I seem to be running a little better than last year so I hope to knock 10+ minutes off my 3:58 time image

  • oh, i also did dublin (2011, time 3:55), that was my last. Entire 2012 was on-and-off injury bench. My build-up for this one is just to steer clear of injury, and hope to get as close to 4:00 as possible. how's everyone else doing? could someone confirm whether drink is in bottle or cup? 

  • Looks like everyone is on target, image 17m on a treadmill is hard going but not much choice if the snow/ice is hear, luckily we have had it but its not lasted more than a day here in North Devon.

    I was a bit gutted Gloucester marathon got cancelled Sunday but hey Ho, did a long hard spin session on the bike fri, parkrun sat and 10m jog home then Sunday 22 hilly steady miles. A good 16x400 today, parkrun this sat and a 10m hilly race Sunday then it's taper for me to Quadzilla.

    Looking forward to some hopefully warmer weather in Barcelona, but not to warm.

    Keep up the great work everyone, sure it will be worth it.
  • Still on  the treadmill (1 week Gym membership left) then it is back on the road.

    Today I did 18.5 miles in  2:42:30 - so I am happy with that image

    Bohermeen half on 3rd of March - I more long run to do yet (22 Miles) and then I wind down image

  • jim,that is a really good run on the treadmill. we managed 18miles Sunday ,which was much easier with out the snow and slush.much slower than you though.did 3.15.Muzza,your training sounds solid. We have more snow again today so hope it doesnt stay.Had vivid dream i did a 10k last night and realised i had 1 shoe on ,id lost one .i found one at the side of the road which was too big and ran in a nike and an asics?think im losing the plot..Going to travel in my race shoes ,dont want that being a premonition. what do people wear after?think ill pack flip-flop type shoe ,guess feet will be really sore after. Hope everyone is happy with training. nearly there!
  • I did 33 Km today, my  last big run,  in 3:07 but I got progressively slower starting out at 5:30 per KM and ending up nearer to 6 minutes per KM - A little windy and cold and the first wek outdoors. I checked Dublin Marathontraining  times and I was 3:24 for same distance then but this training plan has long runs at race pace so today was a failure according to the plan - Time to ease up for the Marathon - need a 4 week taper at my age but still plan to do Bohermeen 1/2 in two weeks but will try to do it at race pace rather than flat out image

  • Melbow Good Luck for the Stamford 30K today. I decided not to run it. I ran a hard half last week. It was Liversidge and was really hilly. I was a little disapointed with my time at 1.52 but the conditions were not good too and I know I worked hard..

    Well done on your run Jim. I think you are doing great image. I dare not do a 4 week taper I feel I am not fit enough . I just know I need to know too to give me confidence I can get another 20 miles in.

    I am starting to feel I have not done enough to be honest.The snow set me back .This week after the hard half I only managed 3 runs and one was only 2 miles as my legs so sore. I did manage 20 yesterday so happy with that but it was very steady.I have not done much speed work either. I am not going out to expect a P.B. though as with age and running for 15 years I do not think it will happen.

    I have a hard week next week. 5 miles Mon,10 Miles Tue,5 miles Wed, 10 miles Friday and 20/22 on Saturday then taper.

    Only 4 weeks today Yikes ! When is everyone travelling ? I am going on the Thursday and returning Wednesday. I came back on the Monday after Rome and decided wanted a little more time to chill afterimage.

  • I'm travelling Saturday Morning - I am going to my apartment near Perpignan on the Monday -fly back from Barcelona on Wednesday morning

  • We fly back Wednesday too- Gatwick.

  • Sounds like a great last week Crazy Lady! I've got my lad doing a similar week, 10m at marathon pace the day b4 a 20/22 is great! 21 days before the big day will benefit you for sure.

    I did my 4 in 4 last week so I'm just hoping ill recover in time to give this a bash for a time. Legs are currently throbbing, run once this week but have done a few good hours on the bike.

    We fly Friday and return Monday.

    Good luck with your last weeks training and stay injury free!! image
  • Crazylady, what a change yesterday from last week. Managed 2.52 at Valentine 30k but the last 10k were a struggle.can you believe I was too warm. That was a good time for you half last week, especially if you ran hard. Hope the last few weeks go smoothly.

    We fly thursday from Liverpool, it was a better time of day. Looking forward to visiting the Expo centre on the friday.unfortunately heading back sun eve due to school.

    Jim and Muzza, hope the tapering goes well too. 3 weeks on Sunday, now its becoming real.
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