Barcelona Marathon 2013



  • I received my Bib No today by e-mail image

  • Yep mine just came through as well, 14959.

    Fly out a week today, can't wait.

  • If you get the Airport bus it has two main stops - Plaça d’Espanya and Plaça d’Catalunia - The first stop is where the Expo centre is - As soon as you get off the bus you will see the fountains and the pedestrian area to Montjuic - This is also the start and finish area. I have just cancelled my original reservation and got a new three person apartment for two nights for €140 but it is a 25 minute metro ride to the start but at least it is direct but the wife is happy because we are near the beach

    Barceloneta Delight Apartments 4 Stars

  • Jim thanks for bus info, we will be using that too.our appartment is in Les Corts area near Nou Camp so need to find if the start is walking distance or better on metro

    King kenny we fly next thur too and unfortunately need to get back on the sunday night. Plane steps will be a challenge.iv booked a sports massage for the 18th. Had my first ever this week , still deciding if I liked it or not, God it hurt .

    Just bought some of those inflatable sticks for my kids to hit together with union jacks on, 49p at Toys are us, left over Olympic stuff.not sure what they are called but will keep them entertained.

    Sounds like you have all done good training.good luck x
  • Staying in El Gotic area so plan to get the train from the airport as can then use a T10 ticket.

    We used Airbnb for an apartment,  €30 a night image  ,& reckon 3 stops (Drassanes to Espanya) away from the Start so all good.

    Just need to sort out tickets for the Barca game now.

    Going to be tricky not to get too carried away on the Cava image

  • The Shark, sorry to ask but ,are there toilets enroute? my worry is if it is so busy at the start and dont get to go within the last hour I would be happier knowing they will be there if needed.

    my friend did Paris and said  lots of people just went while stood at the start. really dont fancy that

    Another snowy run this morning, doing 8 then couple shorter in the week. see you all next week 

    King Kenny , I hadnt thought about carrying cash and metro ticket. great advice, thanks

  • I use a wrist band with a zip pocket - ideal for the emergency €20 and the metro ticket

  • My calves behaved themselves this morning and I managed 10 pain-free miles (in the snow!). Really hoping just to get round, but very excited about the whole thing - hope Barca beat AC Milan by 3 on Tues to put the city in a good mood!

    Saw that King Kenny wrote that he would be carrying a metro ticket and some £s (well, Euros) in case he had to bail. Me too! Should be room in my belt for that along with a a few gels. What is the procedure if you have to drop out? Will ask when I pick my bib etc up, hoping to do so on Friday afternoon. By all accounts the Expo stalls are pretty impressive and you can happily spend a couple of hours there.

    Kenny, did u get your Barca ticket sorted?

    I hear that people should aim to get to the start by about 7.30! Will have to have a mid-night fuelling session and carry a few bananas to the start.


  • didi, 10 mile pain-free is quite a relief having been a multiple calf-injury victims myself in the past.

    KingK, is your calf ok now?

    I too suffered a quad pain/inflamation from my last tempo run 3 weeks ago. Physio every other day and had only managed 4 easy runs since. So, it's going to be a survival campaign come Sunday. 20euro in my back pocket too that's for sure.

    Hope everyone else is happily tapering down, while gearing up for the big day.

    Anyone plan on meeting up before or after the race?

  • Nope I'm out image  ,went for a 3mile easy run on Sunday (after 17days rest..calf feeling fine for 14 of them!) & it started going again. It's a little sore to walk on today so 26 miles aint going to happen. Anyone want a place ?, not sure what I can do with the entry.

    Brother is running & a few of us going out so should be good. At least I can drink now & not worry.

    Just buy a T10 card for the metro  (gives you 10 journeys).

    Will try and get tickets for the game on Friday from the ticket office.

    Good luck all.

  • KingK, So sorry to hear that. Hope you make it to London and finish well.  

  • Cheers Larri , going to defer London as I wanted to 'have a go' at that rather than jsut get round.

    Will rest for 6-8 weeks now and try and get fit for Berlin at the end of Sept.

  • King K, gutted for you, last time I went to Barca I was in the same boat so feeling your pain, fortunately there was a 15k option then so I did that. U could always do the breakfast run? See you in Berlin fit and flying by then! Sounds like the calfs need strengthening up.

    Duchy marathon last week was a real struggle, cold, hilly and windy so hoping for for a slightly warmer, flatter and faster day in Barca. Been suffering with hamstrings but I have been neglecting my glutes since Dublin so they had gone week, I'm walking around like I have messed myself, but the battering they have had over the last month is helping the hamstring. If it hurts its usually down to a weakness so make it strong.

    Looking forward to the weekend now.
  • KingKenny sorry to hear about your injury .

    I am starting to get really nervous now, my training has gone well and I feel OK and I should know it is normal to feel nervous. I know I put too much pressure on myself and at my age it is very hard to get a P.B. I have another time in mind rather than a P.B. though. When we ran Rome we decided to have 3 goals Gold, Silver of Bronze..MY gold was a P.B. and My Silver was under 4 hours, and Bronze was to finish. I did get Silver though as 3.53 and it was a hard run as was very hot indeed went up to 27 degrees. If I beat that I will be happy although my P.B. is 3:42.

    Muzza someone (male) had a wee on the start line in Rome :-/ right in front of me.I too have a thing about toilets need to know they are there.

    We fly Thursday so will be at the Expo Friday and the Breakfast run Saturday, Hope to see you all there image

  • Dont waste energy being nervous, it drains you! You have done the training so be confident and concentrate on getting your pacing bang on! 8.30 start so hopefully get a hour or 2 not to hot! image its a 20m warm up with a 10k race, easy!!! image
  • KingKenny, sorry too that you are out.  I've had a nightmare viral infection since Thursday and have been in bed with high fever and surviving on a diet of lucozade and paracetomal (perhaps taking the idea of a taper too far).  I'm not liking my chances of running now either as my resting heart rate is a lot higher than it should be so am thinking that its not worth it.  Hoping that the next few days will calm things down and I'll be able to take in some fuel before flying out on Friday.  Fingers crossed I'll feel a lot better.  At the time of writing, the thought of driving 26 miles seems a bit of an effort.

    If not running, is it worth going to the expo to formally withdraw or just avoid altogether and get on with a weekend of sightseeing, eating and drinking? 

    Good luck to everyone.  

  • Dean - I ran Edinburgh last year with a chest infection, just took it very very easy and just enjoyed it, just forget about time. Probably not the best advice though.

    Should be a little warmer than Duchy Muzza image

    Fly out tomorrow, will be at the expo on Friday, will no doubt be a little envious watching my brother pick up his number. Just realised I'm spectatingsupporting him now so better plan where to see him round the course!! to go print out the route.

    Looking forward to reading all your reports next week.


  • Dean, hope your virus clear and feel good enough to run. I had virus on top of my quad issue, dizzy head and my HR was much higher during easy run. it's mostly cleared now. so will be pacing easily and take it from there. just hoping to 'tick that box' really.

    CrazyLady, You get to the start knowing you've trained well. you are in good stead to get your prize.

    Going to the airport in 30min. Dreading the loooong flight to get there.  Going to find myself 25-30deg C colder by the time I land.

  • Thanks Muzza and Larri. I know I have trained well so no need to be nervous. I am going to go and enjoy it image.

    Dean that is bad luck, hope your virus doe cleap up. Larri glad you are feeling better too now.


    Good Luck Everyone ! we fly Thursday and head to Gatwick tomorrow as have an early flight.

  • Melbow, sorry to say I didn't notice. If you are desparate you run past endless hotels etc and there are a few quiet spots.

    Have a great weekend, jealous



  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Just swinging by from the Paris thread to wish you all the very best of luck for Sunday.  I'm planning to do this one next year so I'll be very interested to see your reports.

    To all of you who are injured and ill - take it easy!

  • Just popping in to wish everyone all the best for the weekend.

    Great city, great course and great organisation.

    Remember it is meant to be fun, enjoy it.

  • Good luck everyone, long range for say is 16c and rain showers. Ill take that. image
  • Think I'll be joining King Kenny; calf went again (the left one's turn!) after a mere mile yesterday and I walked home in a somewhat forlorn frame of mind.

    Consoled myself a little watching the mighty Barca come back in style against Milan and thought: well, at least I'll be at Camp Nou on Sunday afternoon.

    I'll take my stuff, go to the Expo on Friday afternoon and decide finally on Saturday. If I am going to watch, might head to the Sagrada Familia area, even though it'll probably be mobbed.

    So, ENJOY it everyone, I'll be in Barcelona in body and on the course with you in spirit!

  • You got 6 hours to get around Didi, I know it's a crap situation tho. Sorry to hear ya crap news! Probably best if your sensible rather than do more damage. Try the breakfast run in say and see how running really slow effects it.
  • King kenny, sorry you have had to pull out.didi gee, I too have developed a twinge in my knee and am undecided what to do. I know I have the mileage done but I dont want to do more damage.we fly in the morning and will try a short run fri am .begining to wish no one knew I was going in case I dont finish.

    I am looking forward to going to the expo centre.I have birthday euros to blow.

    Muzza, under 20 degrees and showers sounds good

    Crazy lady, have a good race

    Good luck everyone
  • Am in barca now. Drizzled all day yesterday and felt cold for me. Very sunny now. Really gutted for those who get knocked out by injury. Could easily have suffered same fate for me. Will talk to myself how fortunate to be on the course when the going gets tough. All the best to the rest of you.
  • Melbow, this may help!

    If u don't have a roller use someone's elbow. image

    Good luck everyone!
  • Flight at 06:45 - see you all in the George Payne on Sunday - though I may be in there Saturday to see England clinch the Grand Slam with a Lucozade in my hand

    Good luck everyoneimage

  • Expo was good, felt a little bit of a cheat picking up a t-shirt image

    Have had a good few days here drinking & eating way too much. Have got some barcelona tickets for tomorrow night & will be supporting my brother tomorrow in the marathon. Have a few places to watch him from.

    Hope everyone is enjoying themselves, and good luck tomorrow.
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