Barcelona Marathon 2013



  • Had a great weekend, winged it big style 2.52 for me. image my lads 1st did 3.17 ans the Mrs 4.57 she's not happy but when is a women ever happy?image

    Off for a pint of the black stuff!
  • WOW Muzza that is a Fab time , well done you !

    I did 3.43 and only a minute off a P.B. but happy with that. I worked really hard. I found the last mile torture though it seemed to go on for ever.. Enjoy your black stuff .

    Hope you enjoyed watching KingKenny and hope you recover soon.

  • Well done Crazy lady, great running!!!!!!

    Jim, I'm in the George Payne Irish hat on! Lol and so as 300 others!
  • Well my legs held up well, did 4:14, pw by over 13min, but I'm pleased to end the draught. For me this is a flawlessly organized race, everything works. The course is great with no pinch-point. A few minor climb and hump but no big deal. Highly recommend to anyone.

    Muzza and crazy lady, congratulations for achieving great times. Well deserved.

    For those who missed due to injury, hope you recover soon and come back stronger.
  • hi , back home in one piece. well done everyone.Muzza thats a fantastic time, well done Crazy Lady. Larri, still a great time. I loved the race, 4.19 so  happy for my first mum did 3.56,shame there were no LV60 prizes. i didnt push it as was dreading hitting the wall, luckily it never came. thought the spectators and drummers were great. saw lots of the city we hadnt visited. will definately go back. enjoyed the Expo ,and thought it was all well organised. weather was perfect too

    my daughter joined me over the line, with so many arches i kept thinking we were done, hadnt seen the clock at the end.Unfortunately they were doing CPR on  a finisher as we crossed it ,terrible for them and their family. ,

    hope you all recover to check out photos,

  • Well done all.

    Muzza that's an excellent time, good runs from crazy lady, Larri & melbow as well.

    Hard work being a spectator, it's normally my wife who has to dart around trying to work out where to go and watch me. Had a really good day cheering everyone on, but would have rather have been running.

    Football last night was so good, very impressive stadium.

    Off to the champagne bar 1 last time before flying back this evening. Such a great place. This one-
  • Massive congrats to everyone here on such great times.  Despite the injuries and the illness leading up to the weekend, I started and gave it my best shot.  The first 10 miles were fine, the second 10 I struggled, the last 6 was for me a long walk; finishing in 4.35. Quite a lot outside what I would have wanted if I had a decent preparation but I just tried to enjoy the experience and not worry too much about the time.  The fact that a chap passed away during the race is sobering.

    My first marathon so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was astounding in terms of organisation, support and friendliness throughout.  I found it all very emotional and can see why people get the marathon bug.  My legs are indicating that I have not got the bug but I'm sure once the pain subsides I will be left with all of the hugely positive memories of a brilliant event.  I agree with the comments about the course, cannot imagine anything better in such an amazing city.  A highly recommended weekend.

    As an indication of how well organised this event is, we stayed in the beach area and our hotel was at the bottom of the diagnol (the road you run up, then back down that seems to go on forever).  We got a taxi back there at 2pm and the whole road was clear with no signs whatsoever that a few hours ago there were runners and plastic bottles and sponges everywhere.  Amazing.

    Cannot think of a way in which this could be bettered other than if I had been able to squeeze in an extra day so I could get to the Barca game - I'm somewhat envious there King Kenny and I hope that this made up for not being able to run.  Good luck for your forthcoming marathon's.

  • Some pics on flicker if anyone are interested

    Well done everyone! image
  • How do we get the finisher certificate? Is it on line and can we download it, or would it be mailed to us?
  • Larri ,on the photos link there was an option to down load a certificate. you can also buy one with your pic on . i watched my video last night which I enjoyed, It is expensive to buy pics and DVDs but i think i will for my first race, if you did afew a year it would cost a fortune.

    muzza, thanks for the flicker link, iv enjoyed looking at them all.. they captured alot of emotion. i hadnt realised there were wheelchair competetors. some great pics

    still on a high, legs alittle less stiff today,managed stairs abit easier this morning.

    hope you are all well x

  • Well done everyone! Really enjoyable race all round. 

    I managed 3:19, knocking 9 mins off my PB and also my first negative split so very happy!

  • Someone has to be negative so it may as well be me

    There were not enough toilets at the start - I stood in line for over 20 minutes and gave up in the end as I thought I would miss the start of the race and that came back to haunt me at the 30Km mark where I had to spend quite some time in one of the chemical toilets - I never really recovered and struggled to the finish.

    I thought the course was quite dangerous - I saw 4 people crash to the ground tripped by other runners because it was just too crowded ( unless it was just everyone was running the same pace as me) - Trying to get water at the water stations was particularly dangerous because it was so congested and there were numerous bottle necks on the course even near the end. I also had two near misses with pedestrians trying to run across the road.

    I think a number of factors affected my performance on the day, firstly I think I had pushed myself too hard two weeks before doing a 1:45 half marathon, secondly was the  toilet issue above, third was the lack of sleep (early flight Saturday up early Sunday).

    I followed the 3:45 pacers and even though the pace was well inside what I was capable of I never felt comfortable. I started to fall a little behind at 30Km and knew I could not keep up the pace but then the emergency toilet stop kicked in - I then had to walk a number of times to reach the end - I matched my Dublin time even with the problems I had but I dropped 14 minutes in the last 12k.

    Lessons to be learned - Don't race too close to the main event - Make sure you get that final toilet visit before the start- Get some sleep. This is the worst I have felt after any marathon in terms of pain and stiffness - I also looked like I had been shot by a sniper  as both nipples got destroyed with a combination of sweat, rain and rubbing of the shirt.

    Back to the drawing board

      Real time: 03:58:59 10 km time: 00:52:45 Position: 8805 Official time: 04:09:15 1/2 Marathon time: 01:51:59 Category position: 1866     30 km time: 02:40:21    
  • Sounds like a load if schoolboy errors Jim! Remember them and don't make them again, better to be early to sort toilets etc! Always got to expect hassle and congestion on a big city marathon! Which is why I like the smaller races just as much.

    You will live to fight another day for sure!!!
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