VLM results

I've got my results from the results page online and my question is what does "place (ag)" mean? I would have thought place in age category - however I am in 18-39 age group and my place is 1,829. As I ran a 4.11 I don't think this is likely!

Any ideas?



  • I think it does mean you were the 1,829th female in the 18-39 age group

    Well done

  • ah ok, thanks image sounds quite good when you put it like that!
  • Yes, that will be correct, I was 1,227th in my age group (45-49) and finished in 5.43. Sounds marvellous but the overall position puts it all into perspective - 31376  image
  • Yep, that's correct.

    Finished a couple of minutes ahead of you (4.08.40) but am in the mid 5,000s for men aged 18-39!!

    I found it quite hot yesterday, damn sun didn't really go in, did it?

    Well done Becca and Scream!
  • I didn't realise that I was sunburnt until I got home, much hotter than anticipated but I think it got the crowds out! Well done to you too!
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