Late entry for manchester marathon

Hi Everyone,

New member here, I didn`t even know such a forum existed until I was googling this topic!!

I recently ran the Wilmslow 1/2 Marathon and surprised myself at how well I did. I even managed a sprint finish up that dirty big hill and pretty comfortably got round in under 2 hours even though it was touching 70 degrees and burning sun.

Anyway, I had it in my mind I would run the Manchester Marathon on the QT so nobody at work made a fuss about it but when I checked it is closed for entries for this year.

 Is there anyway to get a late entry to this race? Do they take return entries and resell them or something like that? I`m in pretty good shape now and it seems a shame to have to wait 12 months to run this race


  • I'm pretty sure its full now. If you are looking for a local race (and I'm guessing you're in or near Bolton), how about Liverpool marathon in September (I think) Run Liverpool races are always well organised, IMO.
  • There isn't a hill at Wilmslow half
  • Well, its not the Snowdonia Marathon, granted, but there is a nasty and somewhat unexpected incline at about 10 miles, I seem to recall.
  • theres a very nasty uphill at about 12 miles as it goes.

    no good now anyway. can`t believe it but my knee collapsed on Monday night, booked in for Surgery this Monday so thats that! image

  • Oh dear. Well, plan for a good recovery and get your entry in for next year's Manc race now!
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