Any runners near Ryhill, Wakefield area?


Not sure whether I'm up for joining a club yet, but was wondering whether theirs any folk near me who run, I'm in the Ryhill area of Wakefield near Royston, Havercroft ?

I'm only at the 9 m/mile mark at the moment, but sometimes find it difficult to motivate myself, but when running with other folk find it more enjoyable.

Anyone nearby, or can recommend any clubs nearby, where I won't be out of my depth ?

Ta !


  • Hello, uksoundz, I'm from Wakefield and do my running around Newmillerdam and Walton. I'm a bit too set in my ways to be a running companion, but can I put a word in for Ackworth Roadrunners when you're ready for a club: they're a very welcoming and friendly bunch, with runners at a full range of abilities where I'm sure your 9m/m will fit in. Not far away, and I think they even have a weekly training run at Wintersett. And if 5k is a suitable distance for you, Pontefract Parkrun is a smashing weekly event. It's a friendly, chatty occasion, with lots of regulars of all abilities, and plenty of newcomers each week. It's free and addictive. And having a race every Saturday is a great motivator.

  • Hi uksoundz,
    I run with the Holmfirth Harriers. I don't know if you feel that would be too far for you to travel but it is a great running club and you really don't have to be a great runner to join ( i joined when I was only able to run about 3 or 4 miles (slowly!)) They have groups for all levels of runners right from complete beginners to much more experienced athletes. Here is the website in case you are interested:

    I only started running in January and joined the club because I didn't want to run in the dark after work on my own in the winter months but have found it also a great way to meet new people and have found running buddies from there who I run with at other times as well. In the winter they do mainly road running but they have just switched to their summer season training runs which is more like cross country, trail running and you get to run through some beautiful countryside as you do it!

    The club runs training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm.

    It might not be what you are looking for, but thought I would mention it.

    Good luck!

  • Hi,

    I am Ryhill based and run 3 times a week.

    9 min mile is about my level at the moment.

    I run 3 times a week = 2  5k runs and a 10 or 11k run on a Sunday.

    Would be great to have a running buddy for some of the runs.

    10k is my main aim at the moment but I am flexible.

    Paul (43 not 14) Ryhill

    contact me at 

  • imageHello Tia

    Sorry, just seen this (during a search for something else) & thus may be a bit behind the times
    Yes, 'Ackworth' do run round the Ryhill area, there's generally a 9-10 mile club run from the Anglers Country Park every Sunday morning, leaving the car-park @ 09:00

    If you haven't already, get yourself over to the Co-Op at Ackworth (on roundabout at junction of Wakefield/Doncaster & Barnsley Roads) on Tuesday/Thursday evenings
    There's a shorter/slower group leaving@ 18;30, & a faster/more experienced group leaving @ 19:30 (that may split up, if people decide to do so)

    There are also 'Barnsley Harriers' & 'Barnsley AC' not too far away


    Although I'll admit to being biased, as I'm a member of 'Ackworth'

    If you need further help/assistance, please come back to me


  • Hello - I'm a runner in Ryhill and go out most days along the nearby (muddy) trails with my dog doing between 3 to 6 steady miles. Does anyone know of running groups in the area dedicated to trail running where dogs are welcome or is there anyone out there who would fancy joining us, thanks

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