Vortex 4

Hello Guys, can anyone shed some light on the Vortex 4 wetsuit which is made by xterra. I'm looking at buying a wetsuit very soon and someone mentioned this at my club. Has anyone got one I would really like to get some veiws on how good or bad they are


  • I have one... for the price it is great! Great fit, they allow you to return it if it doesn't fit.

    Make sure you get one of the 50% off voucher codes... they probably are not as good as a £300 suit (or whatever there full price is) - but I think they are definitely better than a £150 suit! Have a look around as they are often giving away the code on some website or in some maazine

  • There are really only two things that matter about a wetsuit.

    1) Can you afford it? (Don't look at £600 wetsuits if you can't afford them!)

    2) Fit. This is the single most important thing - if your suit doesn't fit, it's NO use.

    After you've ascertained those two little things, then the relative merits of each suit is worth consideration. Get to a tri shop and try some on first! image
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